Thursday, September 28, 2006

Less than 100 days

Reality Checkpoint

After reading laksa's post makes me realize that its less than 100 days to go till we reach the end of 2006. 2007 is not too far off. Boy time sure flies huh....and it seems like the day is getting shorter by the if its been affected by the inflation. I do hope that by the end of this year, I'd be able to look back and nod my head with a sense of achievement which I think i'm seriously lacking. I don't see any significant achievement apart from 1 that I manage to achieve for the year which left me slightly purturbed. I must step it up.

I would probably be posting lesser for the next couple of months and also read lesser blogs and post lesser comments too. This is due to my being posted to another location in which I foresee lesser freedom in internet access and a more strict atmostphere. So mostly I'd only be able to blog at night or during the weekends.
Dont miss me!! But if you'd like me to reply your comments, just include your email and I'd be able to reply via gmail.

PS. oh and my MIL seems to be brewing herbal tea quite often lately.....and I've been forced to bring a bottle to work... :P bitter....
I feel like a small schoolgirl...... hehe.....dang.....2 more hours ....n i still have half a bottle to go


nyonyapenang said...

awww.....don't push yourself too hard.

your MIL is so sweet. now seems like many people getting sore throat (am one of them), so more teas to 'cool' to down the body.

Arena Green said...

Aiks? You mean all this while you are blogging at work?? Naughty naughty :-)

I wish you good luck in your new work environment - and yes, your MIL is indeed a sweet lady to care about you.

Keep smiling & keep healthy - I'm sure many of your regular blogfrens will really miss you.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna miss you, my Fashion Angel. ;)

Wuching said...

is that one to help u get pregnant easier wan issit?

Fashionasia said...

nyonya: thanks! ya she is a very nice MIL! Thank God!! she is heaven sent!

anakmerdeka: haha...not ALL the time but sometimes...I have my own room and nobody can see what i do ma...but not for the next couple of months so...cannot naughty already!

jemima: just drop me an email anytime!I'll be there... dont worry i wont go MIA....just lesser post and comments thts all.

wuching: i dont think so lo!!! coz I'm not the ONLY one drinking it....kekekek....but fear not...there's nothing rubber cant block *wink*

Anonymous said...

yah man, less than 100 days to Auld Lang Syne again...time sure least you got home brewed herbal tea to drink in the mean time, i have to make my own :(