Saturday, August 26, 2006

Benefits Cosmetics

Good news girls. Benefits is in Malaysia!!

I've always been fond of Benefits cosmetics, especially the lovely pallettes small and thin enough to fit into your small purse.

The designs of Benefits cosmetics are very unique with the classic look and theme. Ah great. Finally i can get my hands on these pretty babies. But, these are pretty $$$$$ so.... I only encourage occasional indulgance. :)

Currently, you can find Benefits in Parkson, KLCC. I havent check them out yet but...will do in due time.
You can visit their website at


Anonymous said...

Its pretty.....*looks at the webbie*.....i am gonna pay them a visit...I'm a sucker for pretty packaging =P

Anonymous said...

ahah..i located their store in HK. Shall control myself and save it for another year end splurge =P

Anonymous said...

I did come across them in London but I didn't pay any attention to them, then. You know how expensive everything is in good old London.:(
But, they are pretty. :p

Btw, I got my gauchos from Factory Outlet at 1U.

irenekay said...

I got the Benetint and loving it...
their selection are quite limited here.. no Palette.....

as for that gaucho pants( or fisherman pants), i got mine in thailand (different material) for RM10..:P
they lycra one mebbe u can bargain to rm15...:P

pj said...

benefit rules... hehe