Saturday, August 26, 2006

Back with a Tan and more about Gauchos

So I'm back with a good tan. My skintone is pretty evenly tanned with a hint of pink now. Love it. Sorry no beachy story. Just a good restful holiday. :>

Now about Gaucho Pants

I guess Malaysians may not know what are they. So for education sake, Gauchos are pants that look like this

Image from StyleFinds

OK get your eyes off of her shoes...i know its gorgeous but we're talking about them pants emkaayyy..

I couldnt understand why I can't find decent and lovely gaucho pants such as these here. To find a gaucho at all is a rare gem. I was really happy to find it over at LBB the other day. Although I thought RM39.90 was not exactly cheap. Buttttttt........I like the material, and its a rare find thus justified the price for me.

I love gauchos expecially for a casual day out or for a trip to the beach. And the best thing about Gauchos is that it does a great job at covering-up those ugly cellulite infested thunder thighs!!! kekekeke
The flowy feeling of the wide pants opening gives you this feeling of wearing a skirt, but without the risk of having them blown up by the wind. So if you're taking a stroll on the beach. It feels great. Plus it looks great pairing it with your bikini top. Its an alternative to boring ol pareo wraps.


Wuching said...

thats new to me!

Anonymous said...

i didnt know tht's the name for it ehehe I always buy them at those small (no name) shops, and wear them at home... They are so comfy as my wear-at-home pants :)

chong y l said...

hi FA:

for a moment I thot you have migrated for GOoD to Milan, so this Post although aimed at gals and gays is getting an excpetionist poeekaboo.

And it wasn't the shoes that MISStract! LOL! (I'm now using LOL everywhere I go becos despite asking many times, no blardy commenter educated me that it stands for "Laffing out loud!" until I spied it at Yantouch!:(

And Gauchos -- IthotitwuzsomeMexicanNuts!

Fashionasia said...

wuching: so now you or not?? one doesnt have to show buttcheeks to be sexy ok! :>

naddy: i figured most Malaysian doesnt.....its not a word that is oftenly is really comfy aint it?!

desi: neh....must brush up on my french first....hah...gauchos=mexican nuts???u must have mixtaken it for nacho's or pistachios?? ever heard of a poncho?? well...thats a fashion i hope will never ever come to Msia...yucks...mucho gracias.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yeah it is really really comfy and reasonably cheap, if buy from no-name shops ehehhe

Anonymous said...

OMG! I love it! Love it Love it Love it!

Thanks for sharing ;)