Monday, August 28, 2006

Your Holiday Profile : Hummingbird

Your Holiday Profile : Hummingbird

You are right into everything - excursions, sporting activities, nightlife. On holidays, you like to make new friends, explore a new sport (like scuba diving or sailing), and take lots of photos for the holiday album. Everything is a new adventure for you and you have the energy to outlast the people you travel with. You love adventures.


so says Club Med.
hmm.....hummingbird eh....


Anonymous said...

What a coincidence! I've just checked my emails and one of them was from a friend who sent me a picture of a hummingbird.

The message read: "I would like to be a small hummingbird..So I could fly into your home through an open window, surprise you with a hug & wish you a beautiful day."


Anonymous said...

wow, fashionasia is a humingbird...

is this some kinda personality test thingy? cos i just took one and the result is incredible :P