Monday, June 12, 2006

Working from home

I woke up with a terrible headache today so i've decided to take a rest and then perhaps work from home.
I tried to sleep but just couldn't. The pain is unbearable so pop in 2 panadols and hope the pain goes away.

I think the panadol is working its magic now cos i feel much better. But i still have a tingling pain and nagging sore feeling around my neck. Gah.....what a way to start off the week.

I think i'm feeling intense pressure. Which explains the throbbing pain.
See i have just received a project, which is due end of the month. In which I have to get it going to meet the deadline but have not done anything yet.
Then i met up with another potential last week who needs a proposal ASAP and this one is a pretty huge project that would last me for 1 whole year. Very promising.
Then there is another really BIG corporation who finally is willing to meet up with us after my top-down approach that landed us in the position to do a presentation much to the delight of my big boss.

The amount of work and the pressure on me is suffocating. I'm feeling claustrophobic.
At times like this i wish to just shove a resignation letter to the CEO's face and say "Take That!! And look who's INCOMPETENT now??! HAH!!!!"
knowing very well that they'll totally be fish out of water if i'm not handling these accounts as I am the key contact person.

With all the effort i put in for my work. I dont think so i'd get an increment at all this year still.

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mystic said...

ewwo m not much better myself. havent have time to update my blog let alone catch up with others...:(