Monday, June 12, 2006

Mabelline Water Shine Lipstick

Lipsticks again har??
Yalah.....Told you lipstick is my favourite make-up item!

So was over in Midvalleys for dinner yesterday. Though we were only there for dinner and not for shopping, I did not go shopping aside from getting some fresh juices from carrefour for the mini fridge.

Before we left for home, I stepped into Guardian pharmacy and was pleasan
tly delighted to find Water Shine Lipsticks frm Maybelline at RM14.88!!
I've always been a fan of the Water Shine range (but i dont like Watershine Diamonds. Me no likey)

I first tried on Water Shine lipsticks when i was looking for something in Pink couple of years ago. I had problem looking for the perfect pink shade then because the pinks that i tried were
either too pale or too bright. Was really frustrated untill I found Maybelline Water Shine in Juicy Bubblegum pink. It was my favourite lipstick for a longgggggggggg time. I've even finish a whole tube and gotten myself a whole new tube! Now howmany of us have finished a whole tube of lipstick before it goes bad??!!! I know i haven't!! It was my first ever lipstick that I actually finished. And i liked it so much i got another to replace it. That is how much i liked Water Shine.

Sooooooooo, since it is only RM14,88. Regular price was at RM21.90. Long time ago i bought from Watsons at RM23.90. So it is really a good bargain now. I look for some shades that i like and ended up with 2. "Hazelnut Sauce" and the other "Brandy Rum". Contemplated if i should get another "Juicy Bubblegum" but held myself back because i still have 1, still new.

I tried the Hazelnut ....although it looked nice on the back of my hand, it look like shit on me. hehe....I look so pale!!! haiayaa...... i chose the wrong color.
But the Brandy Rum is a nice color. Perfecto.


Arena Green said...

The last time I bought a glossy shine lipstick (forgot which brand) I put it on in the bathroom and it never made it out the front door! (hahaha).

Somehow, it looked all wrong and oily - like I forgot to wipe my lips clean after a greasy meal of wantan mee. But I also suspect glossy lipsticks are not meant for gals with pouty lips?? Cheh...

So far I have been a great fan of Silky Lips sheer color lip spa - nos. 04 and 05. Just a hint of colour and ahemm... totally kissable. *wink* And totally great as a lip balm too.

BUT - I might give Maybelline Water Shine Juicy Bubblegum a try - if I can get it at RM14.88 at the local Guardian!

Fashionasia said...

hey AM!!: The pic below is the juicy bubblegum. Although let me warn u its the kinda pink like cotton candy. Some may like it some may not. Depends on how it goes with the skintone also. But anyhow the Brandy Rum is a really lovely color. Good for work and not too dark.

Arena Green said...

Thanks for the tip! I think cotton candy pink will look kinda ah lian on me :( Might check out the others soon as I go shopping.

PP said...

Wah juicy bubblegum sounds so pretty - must check it out! I usually look terrible in nudes too so tend to avoid them.


my sentiments exactly. BRANDY RUM is my all time fav since they first launched it and yes,i bought it at RM23.88 last time at Watsons.And yes, like you, i finished the whole tube and bought another is my all time favourite. Yes, the other color, Hazelnut Sauce looked nice but when I wear it, I look awful!!!menyesal.heheh, so now i mix it with another darker brown, and it looks much nicer.But nothing can compare to brandy rum..

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the tip, Fashionasia, think I'd better rush out there and grab one or two. I'm using the Moisture Extreme now and it's pretty good too ;)