Wednesday, June 07, 2006

GDrive Where Art Thou ?

Have you ever have this feeling that your laptop HDD is going to konk on you anytime?!
Well, I'm having "IT" now. THAT FEELING.

Sometimes it is not wise to ignore such feelings or so called intuition, 6th sense or whatever you call it. Because sometimes you'll only regret not taking heed of the subtle hints big Daddy up there shows you.

Soooo.....i thought of all my precious documents and whatnot I have within my 30G capacity and ONE thing that struck me is.... Gasp!!! My Wedding photo's!!! The thing about being the XGeneration (i think im xGen?!) is that we rely too much on technology. All things digital can be wiped out clean before you could say hakoonamatata. And THERE IS NO BACKUP!!! Holyschmolly!!!

And i have....after zipping em up.....all 394MB of them. Very precious pictures. No hardcopy no thing. No album (yet...pixart i am kambing).
Knowing that i'm such a procrastinator, i really need to find someplace to tuck a copy of these 394MB of my precious memories.

If you're saying no big deal ma just burn a CD.
No can do. Sorry the lappy got no CDRW. No big deal, copy into your thumbdrive ma you say??
Well, no cant do either.... My pink color lipstick look-a-like good for nothing thumbdrive is only 256MB and crash on me all the time-have-to-always-reformat *sweat* someone PLEASE remind me that not all things pretty are good. Especially not techy items!! Silly women me.

The only virtual storage i could think of is yahoo briefcase. But that cannot do either cos its 30Mb Only. har??

While i think about something....most probably sending them to myself via Gmail (gotta probably seperate them into like 50 emails cos cannot upload 394MG)
Google can you please work on GDrive...... pronto?? er......please? a pretty one with cherries!!!


PP said...

How about getting one of those portable hard disk things? I think they go up to a few Gigs - good luck and wedding photos leh... don't play play... :)

shawnchin said...

Try this:

Ianfluenza said...

Nowadays, I hardly find myself using thumb drives, let alone floppy disks... If the online info storage does not come to your rescue in time, I suggest investing in a prtable hard disk as mentioned by tuktoyaktuk. It's like a gigatic floopy disk with much greater capacity to store your stuff.

Anonymous said...

I will make sure i print out all my digi pics....been procrastinating. I damn sked my HDD crash on me or kena virus. Precious photos!

Anonymous said...

Just install Gspace extension for firefox.

Very nice.

Fashionasia said...

thank you people for all the suggestions.
I like the Gspace extention ST! I've downloaded it but yet to give it a try.

shawn: i sorta tried it but seems to be taking a longggggggggggg time till i quit it.

emailing to myself is no fun either because to email 10M takes like a whole 10 minutes per mail. Its taking longer than i thought.