Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Thirst for shopping quenched

Soooooo....nothing happened on 060606. Was there a rapture? hope not. If there was, why the heck am i still here.

Looks like its not the end of the world ........ yet. oh fiddledeedum, the world goes back to its rotating schedule.

I didnt manage to go shopping as i hoped for during the weekend. The hubby must have sensed my urge so he brought me shopping monday night at 1U. Such a darling he is.

Never felt so happy buying a dustbin before in my whole life! Well, hey at least i bought something!!! heh.....
And it is probably the most expensive dustbin i've ever bought in my entire life.
RM69.90 to be exact!!
But its those cool looking stainless steel dustbin.

Its similar to this one

However mine is square. Wow, i'm pampering even my trash!!!

Apart from that, jusco seems to be having alot of sales.
I manage to buy myself a piece of Baju Kebaya at 50%. I totally fell for the Kain Songket material although the top is just plain purple, the sarong is beautifoooool!!
Also got myself a pretty good bargain for 1 Cardigan and 1 baby-T both at 70% which equivelant to RM 8.70 each. How not to buy tell me!!!!!!

Btw, why is it that mother's day receive such great publicity but not father's day?
So bias. Without mom there is no you,without dad there is no you either.
Eventhough i normally don't celebrate any other 'days' except for birthdays, here's to all the fathers out there. Happy Father's Day!!!!


Anonymous said...

I tot Father's Day is next weekend?

Fashionasia said...

it is it is...
but its JUNE, the month for father's day ma...yet not much hype...diff from May...the whole month is dedicated to mother's day.

chong y l said...

Rem mem bel oso charier... Amber's engrish still bedevilling Desi, sorry I entered FashionistA's abode to spoil da party!

Suffering brain assault sis-drum, exit quikkily with AP. NNoh, not that rAPi's AP-lah, looong life I get wan.:(

I was so Ass-"salted" I almoss read you went shopping D-renched!:):) wah, swimsuit demo from Milan, isit?