Monday, June 05, 2006

Grateful For You

Dearest Hubby,

You may not know this but I noticed.
I know that i'm sound asleep by 2am in the morning,
yet you're still working very hard on your trusted laptop.
I know I cant sleep if i you are not beside me,
but the sound of the click-a-click-a-tick of the keyboard,
seems to assure me that you are by my side.

At 3am, i toss and turn, i was awaken from my sweet slumber,
Blame it on the blood-sucker, the mean little vampires;
You know they're attacking me, for i was aware when you came over....
"My dear, go under the duvet" you whispered,
and i put my arms inside.
You sat beside me, doing nothing but wait,
You stared at me while i sleep, till the next strike from the blood-sucking machine,
You took them out when they tried to strike at me again,
Like a victor, you amid that heroic vibe,
once more your precious princess is inviolable.

You proceeded to reach for the trusted ointment,
mopiko it was, i recognize the scent,
you rub them on my arms i could feel the sting,
once more i slip into sweet slumber, and you went back to your click-a-click-a-tick;
I felt so loved and the wonderful feeling for being cared for,
much better than sweet dreams, much more than magical ponies;
I'm so grateful for you.


Your Wife


Cosmic_GurL said... sweet your hubby :)
I wonder wht he'll do to the cockroaches. Hehehhe

once_in_a_life_time said...

this is so romantic...hahaha

once_in_a_life_time said...

hope your hubby can read it...

sic6sense said...

I'm hopeless like that. remember this post when you get absolutely mad at him one day.

Fashionasia said...

cosmicgurl: roaches i can handle! :>

onceinalifetime: im afraid he doesnt...hopefully one day he will :>

sic6sense: i'll try to remember that!

Ianfluenza said...

*heart melted*

Timber Rabbit said...

wow. ur romantic. :)

Fashionasia said...

ian: tell me bout it. :>

oblivion: You're not so bad yourself!!!

S-Kay said...

i also cannot sleep if bf not next to me when i'm at his place. i dun mind the lights on and him reading next to me. i can sleep damn fast and soundly that way