Friday, June 02, 2006

Lipstick of the day - Loreal Shine Delice

As you can see, I just love lipsticks. I have soooo many i don't even dare to count.

Today's lipstick is Loreal Shine Delice. The color is shade 215- Crispy Praline.

I don't know why its called "crispy" but anyway its like Nudish brown in shade.

The thing I like about Loreal Shine Delice is the fruity smell. It is by far the lipstick with the nicest smell I've come across!! Personally I have 2. Another is a shade of cherry red. Though i dont own much red lipsticks because yucky i just dont like red lipsticks! Anyhow this is not shocking red, its cherry. Very nice subtle red with shimmers.

Its pretty moist and can last quite a fair bit.
The only reason why i dont have MORE of it is the rather steep price of i dont know....above RM30?? Cant remember.

I think my pda pic is too blur. Here is a better image.

Other Random Stuffs:
On another note, i hope to be able to at least step into a shopping complex this weekend because seriously I'm beginning to shiver all over and getting all jittery because of being deprived of shopping for i dont even remember how long!!!!! Seriously i think i'm sort of addicted to shopping. I MUST BUY something because if i dont buy anything for a week, i get all quivery like a drug addict. hehe...
But....still......i manage to manuver my way to Alamanda for lunch last week before an appointment and I manage to tame my fetish by buying 2 pairs of shoes!! Yippiee... I also manage to satisfy my craving for KFC Hot and Spicy! oh yummmieeeeeeeee. The thing about being married into my hubby's family is that, they dont eat junk food! Its always and i mean ALWAYSSSSSSSSSS healthy meals like vege, fish, soup, all those proper proper chinese family meal. And even if we go OUT for food, we'd be having ..........Rice and ordering dishes. Boy i really miss hawker food and unhealthy junkfood stuffs like Satay!!!!

OK.....i think the PMS is coming because i suddenly have food cravings. AND a HUGE ZIT on my chin!! I'm too old for Zits ! sigh...


PP said...

Hi! I haven't tried the shine delices but its always great to find something nice from the relatively cheaper brands. I like Revlon Moisturous myself. btw, great blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Hej, I am searching for a years to buy Shine Delice ( Berries-n-Creame or similar) but they withdraw the line here in Europe 3 years ago!! I never managed to find an alternative. You are so lucky to have opportunity to buy it still!Enjoy!

Fashionasia said...

maja: Its by far one of the better lipsticks around! Love the smell really.