Thursday, June 01, 2006

Have you ever scheduled an appointment without having the least idea what are you going to propose?

I Just did.

I randomly emailed some potential customers and received a respond from one of this huge entity. The Director told me to contact her PA to schedule an appointment.

I did that and fix an appointment next week.

The problem is, i have no idea what solution should I be proposing to them.


Sometimes when you're desperate, you just charge-in. Do first, die later.
hehe.....So now I have approximately 1 week to come up with a proposal for some supposedly kick-ass, "one of a kind proposal that will make heads turn" <---exact words i used. i sound silly?? i sure do feel silly.


caffeinated said...

yes that nicely sums up my approach towards love.

Fashionasia said...

i dont want to fail!!!!
just kiddin'll do well....and so will I!