Tuesday, June 13, 2006

RM1.113b for the bridge, RM1.12b for no bridge begining to like this Malaysiatoday website.
Now i like politics as much as i like footy.... which actually means... :P not very much la....
but this hoohaa saga walawala bing bang bridge thingy is getting very interesting indeedy.

Actually I like Dr.M very much and I was as upset as Api Queen when he announced to step down. But then I couldnt understand why he have been so harsh lately at Mr.PM.
Now I've actually been enlighten a whole lot after going through this website.

I do feel kinda kesian on the poor Mr.PM ....having recently loss the love of his life and now having to face so much oppression and family bashing ....If im in his shoes i'd probably sink deep into depression mode and eat myself silly and hope to choke on some bones .....etcetera etcetera ......

I do not deny the fact that Dr.M WAS a great leader. And i do not deny also the fact that Pak Lah would make a good leader one day (I still think that he needs to practice some kick @ss roaring skills and @ss whipping skills).

Now wouldn't it be great if both of these "few good men" here could kiss and make-up and "BERSATU-PADU" (work together) and plan out something good for the country? I mean we have 2 highly intelactual and capable person here who is wasting time counter-defend-counter-defend .... Such a waste of time and while the cats are fighting Lord knows who came out to play?? of course the little mousies taking full advantage and probably whip some good few hundred millions off the tax payers money while the Big Guns are busy fighting each other!!

"boss sign sini urgent!!"
"okok.." sign
"boss sign sini juga urgent!!"
"ok ok......very busy ni...u handle la" ....sign

Can you see the point im trying to make here?


Anonymous said...

You have said what i wanted to say :) interestingly i want to add, that during the time when the bridge was called off, i was like quite furious, our sovereignty in question and now with this financial question mark being put in place, it does make a lot whole more senseless to cancel the bridge.

chong y l said...


Oh, now into politikus eh?
Sext, I shall nominate you as SIN-actor and maybe the AP queenie's posiion falls vacant, you can fill the shoes. Gert tour accessories ready. Can act like Cry Babe or knot? Wanna an "overhaul"?
Desis into Hollywood thingy...:(

Anonymous said...

Having 4 DPMs kinda tell the people the kinda PM Tun M was. The pattern's all the same. The figure is one thing but whatever's going on behind the figure is another.

Anonymous said...

wah, FA now not only talks about fashion but politics as well :)

that's what i call a clever gal!

Arena Green said...

When people cut off stuff, it usually gets shorter (like our skirts, right??) But when M'sian gomen cuts off stuff, it actually gets LONGER. Like, err... some part of the anatomy?? tsk tsk $)