Friday, June 16, 2006

8 attributes

aiyoo.... Mr.Desi the poet tagged me! eh....I dont use SmartTag anymore la weiiii....I use Touch&Go now!!
Btw Desi did his meme supersplendidtastically!!!! Mrs.Desi sure is a lucky women. So lomantik!!! :> hehe

Anyway, Ms.Fasheoon frm Milano is.....
Very the stress.

When i get tagged ....its very stressful. Feels like going back to school again... i'm suppose to list down 8 attibutes or qualities i seek in a lover.

When I answer questions, i make sure i read and double read the questions. Cant' help it, its a habit from schooling days, mom drills us to make sure that we understand the questions fully before we even attempt to answer any. this context. "Lover" may not exactly mean the traits that you're looking for in a spouse . I was purturbed by that word and so i asked


n 1: a person who loves or is loved 2: an ardent follower and admirer [syn: fan, buff, devotee] 3: a significant other to whom you are not related by marriage

ah?? a significant other to whom you are not related by marriage????? <--- how can??
So it means something more of a sexual kind??

OK, tell you what.....Lets just forget the definition. Its not exam anyway so there are no wrong answers here...only REAL answers.
I'd take the question as "what i look for in my significant other" in that sense. So that you'd know.

Lets see what i can come up with now:

1. Highly Intellactual
I look up to men with brains. And its good to have someone I can go to for answers. And i'd be all dreamy doe eyed admiring him while he unfolds the answer to my problems...

2. Street Smart
When i say intellactual it does not mean PhD holder smart. I know lots of people who are booksmart with dozens of A's but totally suck at handling work. My guy have to be smart streetwise.

3. Wicked sense of humour
Laughter is the best medicine so they say?? Of course a joker like me needs a jester for a pal. I'm pretty good at cracking joke actually. Hubby is good at cracking lame jokes *rolls eyes* So he's my jester.

4. Stronger than me
I need someone that will be able to carry me If i happen to faint. kekeke.... Hubby can do that. Strong man he is.... Oh wait...that was when i was 10kgs lighter!! :P

5. Protector
Will not let anyone hurt me.

6. Spiritually stable
Able to tell me off if i've not been praying and pull me back if so happen that i'm swayed over to the dark side somehow

7. Provider
Able to provide for the family and put food on the table. Err.....thats my job but at least will be able to provide some love to the family.

8. The owner of this rib-i-seek (Rib Eye Steak?! kekeke)
self explainatory

So boring??!! aiyaa.......should tag me when I was 16 ok!! Can give you powderful wonderful stoopidful answers like ..... "Must have big blue dreamy eyes with double eyelids" or "Can sing like Andy Lau and act like chow yong fatt" kinda answers!!! But i'm wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pass that phase already hor....... NEXT PLEASE?!


chong y l said...


You are my fave taggist (Is there such a word, someone being tagged?) -- so sporting, first to respond, not co-respondent! Engrish is a tricky lingo, don wan to start WW3 with wlong use!

I've "trapped" you now that you shared with us your innermost traits, Desi might feature in one novel being cooked in da kittenplace. ANONymous-lah, don't worry, if want to revela with pix, oso-cun, BUTT the fesyen model must PAY! I'm almsot DESperate for dat RM20million:)

Thanks for being so Game-y -- a trait I klike not just in a lover, but myGoODfriend in blogsworlde.:):)

Arena Green said...

Who's da one who said "No More Tags/Wags/Gags"?? lol

Sporty and gamey people like Fashionista & me must get politikus journo Desi to belanja us double-dose teh tarik tak dak manis. :)

Oso, Lame chops, anyone?