Saturday, June 17, 2006

How much is too much really?

I was shellshocked when a friend told me that she is seeing someone more than 20 years senior.
I was tight-lipped when my opinion was saught as I really don't know whats the right answer. Yes? No? Maybe? I dont know.
But my rationale came as, as long as both individual have no issues with each other, and most importantly receives the blessing of both the parents. I dont see why not. Other "pat kong" and "pat poh" kepohchees can go poke their noses somewhere else. This is because relationship as such will definately be a hot issue for gossips.

I know examples like Catherine Zeta Jones er...who else? ummm....oh yah.. Siti Nurhaliza?!!
and then......ok i dunno already. But i do know some perfectly married couples that the wife are like 8 years older?? And they have pretty children too.

Personally I don't find age is an issue. My own age-gap difference is quite significant too (as compared to the norm) and we have no problem whatsoever. However 20 over years is really alot!! Imagine when you're in your thirties and looking great...and your significant other is like...60?? gosh....thats too much for me. I can't handle that. Its like dating your own father. :P
I donno ...what do you think?


Arena Green said...

Odd would be when you wish hubby Happy Father's Day in public and people think he really is your daddy O! lol

But I guess if he is a sugar daddy, it might not be so sour and bitter when he's not around to see the kids grow up. :(

Either way, such things can be tough on a woman from a practical point of view.

PP said...

I would balk at 20+ yrs but considering that women seem to outlive men it might be a better idea to get a younger man to grow old with *wink*

Ianfluenza said...

As long as both partners are able to suffice each other physically, mentally, psychologically, financially (if you must), and in mentality, I guess there shouldn't be a problem. But I guess an age difference of 20 years brings a slim chance of providing overall security in the forementioned attributes, given the age gap which brings influence to the varying mentalities. Yet, depending on the priorities I guess, some would be happy to forego other aspects as long as one or other few of them are guaranteed.


I used to dream of marrying an older, mature man. But that changed of course and thank GOD for that. I'm with you. can't imagine him growing older& Faster than me. Nanti sape nak teman I shopping?So old cannot tahan to walk so long kan?but of course this is subjective.if its fated, then fated la kan?

Anonymous said...

Old man's darling..and young man's slave.. that was what my mom used to say.
I myself am married to someone 8 yrs younger than I.
Love is blind..! kkekekee!!

chong y l said...

Today WedNURSEday I quoted indirectly-lah Mark Twain in my own Post (don some marketing here -- yours is marketing channel, rite?)

Another apt quote from that huckleberry fella, I try to rekolek word4word here, If i err, it's humane-lah!
"Age is a matter of mind over matter.
If you don't mind,
it doesn't matter."