Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bracelet turn Anklet

I noticed that I havent been posting my jewely collection for quite a bit now.
I attribute that to my lack of time, and lack of stock. Need to replenish my materials as stock is running low and I havent been making pretty bling-blings since like......April?
I hope to be able to make some time this Saturday to make some lovely bracelets because so far I've only have 2. And the 3rd one was suppose to be a bracelet but ended up as an anklet due to my misjudgement of the length....teeehe....

Thus my very first handmade anklet was born. tahdahhhh


PP said...

wow you are terribly talented to make your own jewellery! :) Where do you source your stock? I wonder if I have the patience or creativity to try

Fashionasia said...

thanks my dear.
trust me its not as easy as it looks!!!
i source my stuffs frm all over. My fav place would still be the Internet and petaling street of coz.