Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Disneyland Malaysia?? Oh Puhleeeeaseee!!!!!

Latest Update 1st June :

Ho ho its not true now?? I think malaysian newspapers always confuse people ALL THE TIME. oh wait. or waas it the Malaysian government?


I really tak boleh tahan anymore. I have to say something about this "damn smart" decision to build Disneyland in Malaysia.

Come' on lah!!!!! PLEASE THINK properly from all angles and not just oooh-ing and aaah-ing over other peoples Disneyland.

I have soooooooo many reasons why Malaysian should not build a disneyland i really dont know where to start.

But i think that the FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT factor to consider is


The heat here is unbearable. Scorching hot!!! And very often rainy, windy and stormy.

Now, is this kinda climate suitable for Disneyland????? NO!! Dinosourland yes but NOT DISNEYLAND. PERIOD.

I'm blardee agitated by the fact that they really really intend to build disneyland because i think the idea is absurd, preposterous.......well, just out right loony.

Can you imagine having mickey mouse and donald duck walking by the sidewalk of Disneyland under the humid and scorching sun..........poor people in the costume. Kids who suppose to hug them would probably shun away because "Mickey smells like a rat" @ @
And poor snow white....oh your porcelain white skin under the hot sun.........we'll have "Ms.Charcoal Black" instead of "Snow White" in no time.
Then we'd see all the disney characters walking by the sidewalk and down they go "timmmmmbeeerrrr"!!!!!!
falling flat on the ground due to dehydration.

Not to mention everyone who sits on the rollercoaster would probably get blisters on their behind from the heat from the metal seats.
Then the rides that is wonderfully, blue ...yellow...brightly colored will go discolored and fade in probably 3 years time. Then the mechanical parts may spoil easily due to abrupt change in cold hot cold hot cold.......

I can go on and on and on........

ARGHHH!!! Think properly before having billions go down the drain again!! PLEASE I BEG YOU least do some research first.

Dude: "hey i want to go to Malaysia because i want to visit disneyland!!!!"
Dude 2: "like duuuuh........... Are you sure you're ok??"


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Anonymous said...

You don't like? Don't go. No need complaining. It's not your money they are using.

__mars said...

I've been to Orlando and I dare say the average temperature between Johor Bahru and Orlando is similar.

In fact, check these Yahoo!'s forecast for Orlando and JB.

But before you do the comparison, make sure you are comparing day vs day and night vs night. I'm saying this because JB is like 11 or 12 hours ahead of Orlando.

Fashionasia said...

anon: Thanks for your comment. I'm just providing my constructive feedback. Ultimate decision is not in my hands and i am fully aware of that.

Earth: Thanks for the info. Well, i've been to Disneyland LA and Europe. Enjoyed myself because of the weather. I'm just really concerned about outdoor themepark in Malaysian weather. You know how crazy the storms nowadays can be. And the heat oh my goodness.

And another point to consider is the amount of investment required and the ROI. Even Europe Disneyland with such huge population and tourists can go Bankcrupt. This is due to the huge operational costs that is required to maintain the place. I'm seriously in doubt. We cant even handle sunway lagoon. I went during non-school holiday season and it was practically like a ghost town.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read about it - who's doing the construction? If it's the government, then as taxpayers we have every right to voice out our concern - right on, FA!

I agree that our Malaysian weather would not provide a very conducive setting for a fairy-tale theme park. I've not been to Orlando but knowing a bit about geography, I do not think that weather or climate conditions between Orlando and JB are the same - there are factors like humidity, rainfall, etc.

But, knowing the Semua Boleh mentality of Malaysia's gahmen, they'll surely go ahead with this project.

I agree with FA - should change the theme to Jurassic Park ala Dinosaurland - weather more conducive for our scaly lizard friends...hehe

Anonymous said...

I think its gonna be a small themepark only. Not REAL Disneyland ler. Takkan wanna jeopardize Disneyland HK punya sales right? Summore so near. So no worries ler. And there's no greenlight yet. Sajer only they wanna challenge Spore's dunno what new project.

__mars said...

Fashionasia, everything takes a couple of years to recoup the initial investment. There's always risk in business.

Concerning Sunway Lagoon, are they in red?

Talking about Sunway being empty, what kind of visitor volume do you think these American theme parks receive during normal school day?

About crazy weather, well, Florida has hurricanes. We don't. They have to close their theme park one time or another due to weather. We don't. I know themeparks in Ohio have to close during winter and fall. We don't have to.

American weather is crazier than Malaysian. Trust me. And Orlando is not so far from the Atlantic or the Carribean. Plus, swamps as wide as you could even imagine. So, you'll sweat in Florida as much as you'll sweat in Malaysia. It also rains a lot! I've given the weather forecast for Orlando. Do check out (the humidity level is there too if you are in doubt - in fact, Orlando has higher humidity)

And Laksa, no. If the project goes through, Johor Disneyland would be most likely funded and owned by a Japanese firm. And they would be paying UEM to construct the themepark. The most our govt would give is tax break (i.e. pioneer status or something similar). In fact, from reports, it seems that the most the govt would do would be giving away land at Nusajaya cheaply to this Japanese firm. In the end, most likely, it would be a private project, not public.

Cheng Sim said...

the worst part is, they're building it at Johor! hello. come here and do it in Selangor lah. more tourist attraction mah. then again, smart strategy since Singaporean will come over for the whole Disneyland fiasco.

psst. at least we have more things to say in our school essay than the ordinary KLCC and KL Tower.

Fashionasia said...

welp.....okla....nomore debating lah....we are all entitled to our own views...mine is one that is against the idea. I'd rather have a "HangTuah land" or "Food Paradize Amusement Park" for originality sake....
Anyway, its not my money and neither its your money. (Unless gomen gonna sponsor)

Lets just put on our famous malaysian 'tidak apa' attitude and just sit back, relax...and enjoy the show.

chong y l said...


Da Minister in PM's Dept can do with your sound advice. Just pass one MSG from Desi to Effendi~~
If wanna do Disney, PRIVATE enterprise only.
NO MORE Govt project, our oil money is evaporating very fast,
our comfort!:(

FA: Pro & Cons in any such Project, but it's important that it be PRIVATELY FUNDED, not Rakya's money. Money give us TAX BREAKS as every barang is going North altho Disneyland is going South.

Fashionasia said...

Dear Desi,
since its probably gonna be an initiative by the Tourism board. Sooooooo my guess is that it WOULD probably end up utilizing tax payers money. But lets see how first. Cos Dubai intended to have disneyland too and was rejected. Even if they get the greenlight, we would probably be old and crinkled to be bothered.

Anonymous said...

good points raised by everyone :)

it suddenly dawned on me - since malaysia is an islamic country, then i guess goofy won't be part of the characters for the jb disneyland. why? cos haram mah...hehe

earth, so i was right - the humidity levels are different :)

Anonymous said...

How many times can u visit a theme park?
And how many times can u visit a casino?

This is gonna be a laughing stock for singaporeans and the world...

shawnchin said...

Malaysians are an ambitious breed.

Disney dudes are denying it, though.

Ianfluenza said...

I would never have imagined that the Disneyland theme park franchise will strike Malaysia at any time. After hearing that, I was initially excited that Malaysia is finally having a Disneyland of their own.

However, when it comes to the weather and other geographical factors in Malaysia, I could pretty much empathise with miss FA's views on the sustainability of such theme park, comparing it to our Sunway Lagoon.

However, I still feel optimistic about the brand loyalty that the Disneyland franchise can offer. It will be a landmark nonetheless should it be established. Locals & tourists will still flock towards the heated metal seats in the roller coasters.

If HK's Disneyland gives a promising example that the weather factor plays a minor role in determining the theme park's feasibility, maybe that proves a not-so-subtle hint to us?

And haha... I am very amused with your quote on "Mickey smells like a rat"

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, selected newspapers has to leak out ideas from the gov to see the people's reaction and even if there were to be Disneyland, it wouldn't be government run. Themeparks are normally under privatised companies especially established ones like Disneyland. The govt just take cuts from them =)

haiqal2010 said...

we know that there have 3 disneyland in Asia=
Tokyo,HONG KONG,& Shanghai(new)

(facts) jarak antara Hong Kong dan Shanghai hanya sekitar 1229 km. Tokyo – Shanghai (1767km). Jika kita bandingkan Kuala Lumpur (sebagai contoh jika Disneyland mahu di bina di Malaysia, jarak KL – Hong Kong adalah sekitar 2508 km. Ia lebih jauh daripada Hong Kong – Shanghai.

Persoalannya, kenapakah tidak berdiri satu Disneyland rantau sebelah Asia Tenggara. Pasarannya sangat besar. Tambahan pula jaraknya lebih jauh dari Tokyo dan Hong Kong.

Pembangunan Wilayah Iskandar )(iskandar Malaysia) sangat sesuai untuk membawa Disneyland.(untuk melengkapkan 3 taman tema di iskandar malaysia,ataupun di Sepang(dekat dgn KLIA)=supaya senang para pelancong datang ke Malaysia

Sesuatu yang menarik tentang Disneyland ialah, selain membawa hiburan ala alam Disney, ia sebenarnya sebuah PROMOSI BUDAYA. Budaya yang dimaksudkan ialah budaya Malaysia. Ini kerana di Tokyo Disneyland, sebagaimana biasa di lihat, ia bukan sahaja menuruti acuan tempatan malah ia menyesuaikan karaktor Disney dengan budaya tempatan. misalnya pada awal tahun sambutan tahun baru menampilkan karaktor dengan berpakaian kimono. Selain itu, semasa musim panas, Di Jepun kebanyakannya meraikan perayaan Obon dengan tarian terkenal Bon odori.((jika di Malaysia ia mungkin dapat diraikan dgn perayaan Aidilfitri,chinese new year,deepavali,hari gawai,hari keaamatan,san pedro dan lain-lain lagi..)) Bak kata tagline Tourism Malaysia..
Malaysia Truly Asia..

Mungkin ada berpandangan negara kita, sebuah negara Islam dan tertakluk dengan norma-norma tertentu. Pun begitu, kita boleh menyesuaikan taman tema ala Malaysia. Malah ia boleh menjadikan Disneyland versi Malaysia lebih unik.

Memandangkan Malaysia merupakan negara majmuk dan mempunyai pelbagai perayaan, mungkin Disneyland Malaysia akan lebih banyak perayaan dalam setahun berbanding di tempat lain.
Siapa dapat menyangka Mickey Mouse berbaju Melayu atau Minnie Mouse berbaju Kebaya, Daisy berbaju Sari dan donald berbaju samfoo.

Ada juga pandangan bahawa cuaca Malaysia yang panas tidak sesuai dengan pembinaan Disneyland. Pandangan itu sangat sempit kerana sewaktu musim panas di Jepunlah pengunjung taman tema Disney lebih ramai kerana cuti musim panas. Malah cuaca musim panas di Jepun ini, lebih panas dari di Malaysia. Di Jepun juga ada musim tengkujuh dan ada pakej-pakej tertentu disediakan untuk menarik pengunjung dan terdapat juga pengisian acara untuk hari hujan dibuat.

Para pelancong akan merantau setiap taman tema di seluruh dunia. Mereka akan membicarakan tentang taman tema ini dan mencari keunikannya.

Ia sebahagian publisiti meningkatkan industri pelancongan negara. Malah ia memberikan satu mercu tanda dan pengenalan tentang Malaysia di mata dunia.

8.Memandangkan Singapore (Singapura) sudah pasti menjadi peta baru Universal Studio di Asia Tenggara, kehadiran Disneyland di Malaysia pasti menjadi pelengkap yang baik bagi pelancongan berbentuk hiburan sepertinya di rantau sebelah sini. Perbezaan jarak Singapura dengan kuala Lumpur kira-kira 300km sudah pasti sesuatu yang mampu meningkatkan industri pelancongan negara.

Jika Legoland sudah pasti terbina di Johor, mungkin ada kawasan lain mungkin berminat membawa Disneyland ke Malaysia.
Jika ada harapan kita membawa Disneyland ke Malaysia, diharapkan Disneyland Malaysia mengambil model Tokyo berbanding Hong Kong.
Semoga pentadbiran PM Najib lebih bijak dalam hal ini.

Oleh itu,mari kita menyokong, supaya Disneyland dibawa
ke Malaysia..