Monday, May 29, 2006

I can and i do cook....just not as much as I ought to

I forsee my post would be rather sporadic for the coming month. Thats because I've been receiving lotsa invites for demo and presentation lately. Too much than i can handle actually, but you know me, i'm too dignified to decline them and i always take-on more than what I should. Being me, I think i'm superwomen. i'm not complaining. This could be good. My big break may be on its way and i do sincerely hope that I'd be appreciated for the things that i do for the company, for once, someone please appreciate me?!

Anyway, come back to the entry, the thing about being married is that, you should automatically be capable of cooking up a meal that can feed a starving army. heh........nola just kidding, well at least you must be able to cook for the hubby lah!! This responsibility comes with the title "Wife".
I'm thankful that i'm blessed with pretty good cooking instincts, it comes naturally since i've been experimenting with baking and cooking since my college days and more often than not, my experiments gathered more praises than frowns. Though I love cooking, i have not been cooking as much as I ought to, perhaps once a week or once in two weeks, usually Saturdays. Most of the time my MIL cooks. Cannot dethrone ppl goood. And i cannot just cook enough for 2 person, I have to cook for the WHOLE LOT of ppl. Which is not what i have been accustomed to. I have to really learn to cook ALOT because these people really can eat la!!

So being a goodie wifey, I went to the morning market on Saturday and bought some prawns, veges and pork ribs!!!! Now the prawn part and the vege part is no problem la, i love prawns and its my specialty, i can cook prawns anystyle. But pork ribs!!!!! i have no idea why i bought them because lord knows I never cook pork before in my entire life!!!! Even my experiment on bak kut teh I used Chicken!!!! haha.....

But being me, i have absolutely no recipe, just the picture of the outcome on my head. I decided to cook honeyglazed pork ribs. Hehe......
It turns out really swell.............i mix some tomato and chilisauce + kicap manis + kicap masin + good doze of honey + corn flour. Deep fry my ribs seperately and later on while the sauce is shimmering in the hot pan and thickens, dump the whole thing in. Yummieee......

Of course there is another trick. NEVER tell anyone that this is the first time you are cooking that dish. Pretend to be a pro. Then you will be well respected as one. Ahem....
So everbardee praise and praise lalalala.... Of course I also cooked curry prawns with sweet potato and Cabbage+springonion+pear.

The satisfaction on my husbands face = priceless.

Then after 2 days only drop the bomb and tell him. "my dear, you know i've never cooked pork before ah? that was my first time cooking pork"

" @@ !! Really??!?!?!?!"


Oh and dont expect me to post pictures ok, my parents in law will think i'm cookoo. The only time you see them taking out a camera is when they are going on a vacation. :)

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Anonymous said...

I also love to cook but somehow can never find the time to. I wanna bake but no time. HOpefully I can do all that this coming holidays.