Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My account of being a Snatch Thief Victim (II)

----Continued from previous post:------

As i sat dazed on my couch, i whispered a silent prayer- That justice be served. Thats all i asked for.
Then i called the office to take the day off and proceeded to the nearest police station to make my report.

To my suprise, while i was at the police station there was this other girl there reporting of a snatch theft too. Sad but true, I am not the only victim for the day. The other girl got it worst, she was visibly bruised. I suppose she fell and hurt herself.

While i was writing my essay......(gosh we still use pen and paper!!! where is the computer??!!) I was told to wait awhile before i leave as the police picked up a report of a suspect.

True enough, after about an hour or so, the police brought back the Indian chap handcuffed, together with my handbag!!!!! *fewwfeeettt*!! ( prayer so powderful. don pray pray...)

It seems that, because this Indian fella was in such a hurry, he went to this kampung area.......there was where he met with an accident!! (wakakakakak! padan muka!!!) He bang on a car that belong to a malay guy. Soooooooooo, the malay guy demanded him to pay-up!!! The Indian fella scared shitless due to this taiko like Malay chap who knows some kampung gangster .....that called up his brothers and cornered him. So,Indian fella took out MY purse and used MY money to pay for the damages!!! haha...... the malay guy saw howcome he was having a ladies handbag and purse and saw my IC. He sensed something wrong and questioned this Indian fellow to which he replied that its belong to his sister. (Haha.....hallo.. im so many tone lighter than your shade leh.)

Sooooooooo, this was when the malay chap (my hero) called up the police to come arrest him. Waliaoeh!!! So terror. SOooooooo the Indian fella was thrown into lock-up after I identified him. He was strip naked and wacked kau kau from the police officer.

And so they lived happily ever after!!!! THE END.

hehe....i always wanted to say that. :>

The moral of the story is that, My story have a good ending after all. But not everyone is as lucky as I am. Some have their hands slashed and have permenant scars and all. Its very nasty.

Oh and btw, my handbag and my purse and all my belonging IS STILL WITH THE POLICE AS EVIDENCE. I didnt get to take them back. The case was delayed umpteeen times and we never went on trial as yet. For 3 years now. Boohoo.....too bad I'm not Siti Nurhaliza lo.....I can make 1 complaint and have a trial the next day if i am Siti nurhaliza.

PS: To my malay chap Hero. If you EVER read this post. Please contact me! In my dazy state I forgot to get your name nor your contact. I havent gotten a chance to repay you. Really thank you from the bottom of my heart. I owe you one. So they say "Hutang emas boleh dibayar, hutang budi dibawa mati".(direct translation = money owed can always be repayed but if you owe a favor, you bring it to your coffin)


Anonymous said...

wow...bravo to the malay chap. He could have just taken the money and pretend dunno.

Still waiting for trial ??? meaning the indian guy still in locked arr ?

Anonymous said...

Haha. I was almost a victim myself but due to my nature of being abit more sensitive towards my surroundings compared to an average individual. I escaped it.

I was on the way back from college. Decided to take the bus and stop at the nearby pedestrian bridge and walk home, which would take 10 minutes only at most compared to waiting for the damn bus to make one whole big round back to the road behind my house, which would take 45-50minutes.

It was 10am in the morning, I was walking pass my sister's school and the padang near my house. It was quiet but somehow, that morning, while I was walking, I saw an old men doing gardening outside his house and I told myself, "In case anything, I must run to into that house". So fine, I was nearing the house already when a motorcyclist rode past me. He was dress in office clothese with his biker jacket and all. Pretty decent but I was cautious because he looked at me. True enough, I thought I heard and felt as if someone was coming towards me from behind. I took a step inside so I would be walking near the longkang of the padang instead of the roadside and switched my file case to my right hand. Bugger, I turned behind and the bastard tried to grab my file off my hands right while I was switching it to my right hand.

I stood there stunned lah and stared at the motorcyclist. But then realised that the man just turned in at the front junction and may just make a detour back for revenge. I ran all the way back home which was just 2 roads away (thank goodness I was a school runner that time so stamina still good). I sprinted all the way back and saw an old lady carrying loads of stuffs on the way. I warned her and ran back. Reached my gate and the rubbish truck was outside my house. I was a bit blur adi by then and almost dropped my keys in the drain. The best thing was, my mom saw me and opened the auto gate and it banged me. Haha.

I'm just glad that everytime when I know I will be walking back, I'll always wear this capris with deep pockets so I can keep my stuffs in there and collared shirt so ppl can't grab my necklace.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and you know, you can be witness to a mistreatment of detainees by police officers you know?

"SOooooooo the Indian fella was thrown into lock-up after I identified him. He was strip naked and wacked kau kau from the police officer"

Even though he deserved it. Its not right to do that.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, glad to know everything turned out well for you in the end :)

as for the malay chap, here's one bowl of laksa for him...on the house ;)

take care from now on, FA!

Mumsgather said...

What a hero the malay chap turned out to be. Bravo for him!

chong y l said...

Heysis FashionistA:

belated sighting of your Traumatic Xpeience - I'm releived "All's Well that Ends Wella".

Poetic justice to the blardy bastard -- I seldom swear in blogswordl, but wtf! there's always an xception. I first similarly swore when one mGf (, one GSE7EN delegate,was accosted and she "bravely" fought back. Some minor bruises -- lucky no 'serious" injuries -- but the psychological...

NegaraKU is no more safe...maybe I can "pich" your storey ah for Sunday INTER-LUDE?

Email me: OR jest leave me a YES note at my current Post.

God bless; Take care.

Anonymous said...

hello there!

yup, you were lucky, but being a victim sucks, whether you lose anything or not.

i didn't lose any items but the injury messed up my knee pretty bad.

really wanted to cut the thief's balls off. emmm...