Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My account of being a Snatch Thief Victim

Today i was reading theStar online and came accross the article about the murder of the Struddels Cafe manager(bangsar) just to rob a mere RM4000 ringgit. Is life worth only 4k?
The story was disheartening.
It pretty much ruin my day.

I was meaning to share my story as a snatch theif victim for quite awhile now but i havent done so due to its length. But today, i just needed to let it out. I need to share my story. Its a traumetic experience but i know many women out there experienced the same. Some have their story heard, some kept it secret. But all of us are left traumatized, some scared, and most definately living life in fear.

I remember it clearly, it was a couple of days after my birthday. Back in 2003. Mom gave me a pair of slip-on Alain Delon working shoes that i craved for on my birthday.I kept them in the boot of my car.

It was a regular work day. I woke up, dressed up for work and decided to wear my new shoes. As i walked out of the gate, there was this Indian man on his bike making stops at the neighbours asking if they would like to have their grass mowed. Then he came to me and asked the same, I said no thanks. He then proceeded to the other neighbour. As he left, i then walked to the boot of my car which was parked outside the gate to change my shoes, my handbag sling on my right arm.

While i was wearing 1 side of my shoe, the Indian Man make a u-turn on his bike and came towards my direction. He stopped the bike infront of me (my back was facing him) and rush up to me to grab my handbag.
At the point of time, I was shocked beyond words and my brain froze. I just acted on reflex. While he was pulling, I hung on to my bag and refusing to let go. Lord knows why I was so stubborn!!!! I've always thought to myself if anything like this ever happens to me, that i will never put on a struggle but to just let go and let him have the bag. But when it actually happens!!! I FORGOT to let go!!! *rolls eyes*

As i am a pretty strong person, he then proceeded to hit me on the head, probably wanted to knock me off. I suspected he had some metal of sort as the pound was hard (we later recovered a round metal thingy). I put on a strunggle at least a minute or so fighting with all my might.........but alas, as a weaker gender he manage to push me to the floor. He sped off the bike, and i tried to chase him with 1 shoe and barefooted on the other... He manage to sped off.

The highlight of it all was that, all the time i was screaming on top of my lungs for a good 5 minutes or more. Albeit i wasn't able to conjure words but mere screaching and screaming.....i thought that by screaming hysterically for a good 5 minutes would as least get the neighbours coming with broomsticks and parangs. Boy was i wrong. Dissappointed to the core I was. The next door neighbour WAS THERE. The opposite neighbour WAS THERE. The neighbours few doors away WAS THERE TOO. All they did was staying within their compound DOING NOTHING!!!! The opposite neighbour, an uncle just shouted "hoi hoi" thats all. Then 1 old aunty a few doors away, jotted down the bike number and gave it to me later. The best part is, the aunty, our next door neighbour DARE to tell us later that she was THERE ALL THE TIME WATCHING THE WHOLE ACT, aaaaaaaaaaandddd...get this....."waiting to see if he comes any close to my daughthers car, if he touch the car i would wack him!! with her broom in hand" I quote her exact words.
NOW HOW GOOD IS THAT FOR A NEIGHBOUR huh ??!!!! Arrggh!!!! BRAVO you Malaysians, KL/PJ people sucks!!!
Ptuiiiii!!! If this happend to me back in my kampung, the whole neighbourhood would have come out and put up a fight with the bad guy. And i'm staying at a considerably posh area on PJ mind you. City people sucks. Fullstop.

Defeated, but more so dissappointed.

*clap clap* thank you for your support neighbours. Very good semangat kejiranan you all have. Thank you for coming out and gathering by the streets all of you!! the entire row of neighours miraculously appeared out of nowhere just after the bike sped off. They only came out to console me AFTER the bugger LEFT. I couldnt even look at their faces without feeling disgusted. NO BODY HELPED ME AT ALL when i was beaten up. !@23@^#^#%T@!!!

I returned home dazed, with a trobbing pain on my head due to the bashing.

----------to be continued----------------


Anonymous said...

sorry 2 hear abt what had happened to u...

that is so typical malaysians- be it in pj/kl or wherever in the city u staying... burgler/snatch theif/accidents, malaysians just like to look n see only. they dun even dare to help, well maybe some but soo little ppl will come n help...

like my uncle recently in ktm komuter, kl-seremban.. he saw with his own eyes tht a young malay girl was being teased by 2 foreign workers... not just plain teasing but got touch2 the gal also and the gal started crying.. just besides the gal were 2 malay men seated next 2 her... but they didnt do anything, just kept quiet... so my uncle came n scolded and slept the foreign workers... my uncle was an ex-army... and he shouted at the 2 malay men tht did nothing 2 help the young gal also... served them right. like no balls to help the young gal...

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about your snatch theft incident... i was sad to hear such a nice guy murdered for RM4k. some more in upmarket bangsar.

fishtail said...

Aiyoh, what a sad episode. But consider yourself lucky that Indian guy was basically a grass cutter and not a pro snatch thief, otherwise he would probably have slashed you with a knife or something instead of just hitting your head. So sorry for you :(

Fashionasia said...

just to reply fishtail, the fella is not a grass cutter, he did not have any tools with him. He is a pro snatch thief disguising as grass cutter.... pls be aware of this cos sometimes we drop guard. :) but i thank God there wasnt any knife involved in the whole episode.

Anonymous said...

poor dear :(

had i been there, would've splashed a whole pot of boiling laksa soup on him - what a ruffian, taking advantage of a poor defenceless girl...and inflicting physical abuse some more...

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. back home, he will probably be in hospital liao.

Halfway thru, the fella will be wishing the police comes soon. Even passer-bys will land a few kicks before moving oh. heheh..

That's one good about out hometown. Doesn't matter what colour you are, when in trouble, you are one of them and they have your back.

irenekay said...

hrmmmm..... at least u are not hurt.... i got slashed dude!!!!

Fashionasia said...

nads: Im glad that there are still ppl like your uncle in this world. :)

simon: ya, that poor dude. slashed fot 4k?!!! argghh.... I give you lah 4k. Consider as sedekah

laksa: i really wish there were somebody who actually did something like shout out "police" or attack him with a broom or throw some stuffs at him u know.....but sadly, all watching the show oni.

SC: my dear friend. I really miss our hometown. All races n colors live in such harmony. Miss it. hugss

irenekay: sad to say, there were many like u and me. Hope we can do something about this.