Wednesday, April 05, 2006

April??? We've entered Q2

klip klap klip.........

waduyaknow, we're in Q2 already.
Time for a Q2 review.

Marriage life: So far so good. Already got use to most of the daily routine. Yes of course there are times that are teeth grinding but .....*knocks teeth*.....still strong. :> [Check]

Career: Went for couple of interviews this year. I think the actual number is 3. Was accepted into 1 MNC. Pretty prestigous company. Nontheless, after some talking with my boss, I've decided to stay. Hey, 500 bucks extra doesnt seem lucrative enough for me to make the jump. But i really really really wanted to go, serious......Was thiiiissss close (make 1 cm distance frm thumb to index finger) to make the move. The perks was salivating worthy. :> sigh.....i'm just too loyal an employee. sigh....back to sulking at my job....hehe..... [Check]

Hobby: Made much progress in my jewelry making. Learnt new beading techniques. Expanded my horizon from wire beading to string beading........Made my first necklace!! hurray!!!! Also made my first bracelet!! woohoo!! Plus, made some great jewelry sets too!! [double checkmate]

Salary: er....... still same. But got pin money from hubby!! wow...thats a plus for being married [check]

Expenses: er............increased due to petrol hike and all other hikes. Like 1 pepsi during lunch is Rm2.10 !!! CRAZY MACAROONS!!!

Other MISC stuffs:
-Finished a book (from Liza Gardner, Title: the Third Victim) bought it at RM 1 from Times warehouse sales!! cool.
- Childhood friend got married.
- Didn't buy much new clothes!!! Which is sooooooooo unlike myself.

Soo..........I need to make more progress, especially in the area of my work. Ah well, so hows much have you achieved for Q1??

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