Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cracking my head to write a Business Proposal

Ya, I've been assigned to write a business proposal and its been half a day and all I've written is

"Business proposal for XXX is.........."

Blardeee coconut!!!!


Been googling the whole morning for ideas.

I can write a good proposal if the idea comes from me and if i suddenly have a eureka moment. But this is not the case. The boss shove a product down my way and say "you're suppose to take this product, learn it up and take it as your baby. I want you to deliver by end of this month a Business Plan. So now, with a product i virtually know nothing of in my embrace, i need to write a business plan, identify the market segment, produce milestone for the company direction, come up with the business approach, marketing material and pricing stategy....etcetera etcetera etcetera........"

I immediately have a splitting headache. Panadol is going to be my crack and google my best friend.

I am really squeezing my juices to come up with a good campaign or bundling solution to sell this. Its pretty niche and uncommon so google is not helping much, or rather my googling technique needs some refining.

Need to get back to my word document.

Fashionasia puts on thinking cap. I need some inspiration.


Jeremy C said...

good luck - while you're at it, don't forget to take some chicken essence ;)

chong y l said...

hey, fashionista,
ken I offer my journalistic help?
I'm a feelan one-but Xpecial for blogger fren - if its NOT 50 pages!:( -
Two tehtarik, and also your leg-"tarik", will do!:)


maybe u could let us know what the product is and we can help chip in w our ideas.

domestic rat said...

Ooh... this sounds bad. It's doing the entire thing but in reverse.