Friday, March 17, 2006


Can't find some panadol. Arrghh....woke up today with a bad headache. Practically had to crawl out of bed for a 9.30am appointment.

I'm thinking to take the rest of the day off. Still have an hour to toy with the idea.

In the mean time, i found myself some "Milidon"

I'm not very medically sound but i do know what is paracitamol so it says here 1 tablet consist of 500mg paracitamol.

I know normally i take 2 tablets of panadol. But now i have no idea if i should just take 1 or 2 milidon tablets?? Someone care to tell me if 1 is enough? I just swallowed 1 and waiting for it to make some magic.

[edited: This post was intended to be published on Friday but somehow blogger failed on me.
Ending of the story was, i took EL halfday and went home, pop 1 more panadol actifast and Konked out]


Anonymous said...

whoaaaa panadol is a BIG NO NO it's bad for one's body...


I hate it when blogger failed.hehe..thank god its alright now. And thank god you're also ok.
Take care..Did you get the headache because of the business plan/proposal?

Olive Poppy said...

Normal Panadol contains 500mg Paracetamol, same goes with generic tablets. Usual dosage would be 1-2 tablets every 4-6 hours, but not more than 8 in any 24 hours (which is 4g Paracetamol).

I beg to differ, beauty. Paracetamol is one of those drugs that comes with mildest side effects. Although in overdose (if you take a whole bottle of it, that is), it does cause liver failure and death.

chong y l said...


Hi to thee after some hi-atus.
I bear some medDEEcine tongue-in-chic...
Only pill I no is Panadol.
Som when you ask for mildon, I thoy it's some Fench gal like those high heels kcikin' ones, Moulin Rouge see?

I too came by hoping to meet some models close to Nicole Kidman's looks, but waht a letdown.

Pls don't get migraine at my expense rite! DesiSigningOffspeak.:)