Monday, March 13, 2006

Auspicious Month

Obviously its an auspicious month. Received 3 wedding invites.
1 from and old friend of mine - not going because its in UK
1 from an ex-colleague- also not going because its in my hometown far far away
another one i attended on Saturday.

Sometimes its a difficult choice to pick the right dress for the occasion. Like this particular one, I wore a stripe halter neck wrap-around dress with a high slit infront, i bought it from singapore during my previous trip to lionland. It wasnt expensive at all, 20SGD to be exact. Cheap and fancy. There is a brooch infront at the waist which seems like that was all that held the dress in place. Pretty sexy laah.....loose the brooch and the dress falls apart!! kinky rite?
(update: pretty similar to the Tango dress i saw from Except for the color

I thought i dressed good, untill i saw some of my friends upon arrival, wearing T-SHIRT and JEANS!!! Arggh.......Now puhlleeeeess, i hate moments like that when someone causes me to doubt myself for a moment!!!

Later i actually saw people who dress up well and .....phew.......i am not overdressed.
Don't you just hate it when you're overdressed or underdressed for a particular occasion??

Tips from Fashionasia:
Sometimes overdress or underdress can be an issue. So the best solution not to embarrass yourself is to ask around pre-function(whatever function it may be). Get a friend or two to decide and agree on whats appropriate to wear. Always ask "what will you be wearing?". This way, even if you are overdressed/underdressed, you always have 2-3 other person as company. :)


Fashionasia said...

Can someone frm the UK suggest me a good webstore to buy wedding gifts?? need to ship the gift to a friend. I think its better than buying here and shipping over

Jeremy C said...

hmmm...i'm othe opinion that it is always better to over dress rather than to under dress... :P

shawnchin said...

If you think you're overdressed, just take out the brooch loh.. :p

desiderata said...


overdreessed? underdressed?
Desi's often fond of de Ursula Undress'd! dr NO?

Robin said...

Dress?? what dress?


pu1pu3 said...

Wow Fashionasia,
If the Tango dress is similar to the one you wore, then , you go girl. Sooo lovely. Its a killer dress la...Never mind la over dress sikit..bila lagi nak melaram.
But you are right, you dont want to be in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

JellyGirl said...

Actually I think it's completely unacceptable to wear jeans and T-shirt to a wedding, so I'd say your friends were the ones who were underdressed, and you were perfectly appropriate (and pretty, of course!). Your dress sounds lovely!

Twisted Heels said...

I never shop for wedding gifts before and I don't know what you are looking for but there's this website which sells lots of gadgets, toys and even adventure gifts. I hope it helps.

Btw, I like your fashion sense. Keep it up! :)