Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Paper Soap

Went to sasa the other day and I bought this.
Actually its for me to keep and for hubby to use. Hubby is very hygenic and when I saw this Mini paper soap. I thought its perfecto!! Just what he needed. Of course I have to keep them in my handbag wheever we go lah cos he sure wouldnt be caught dead having this in his pocket.
The fragrant is nice, flowery scent. Havent tried them out yet so I don't know if it is to be recommended but it costs only RM4.90.

Other than that, I also bought a silkygirl eyeliner in navy blue. This is because the mom borrowed my black one and It never did return. :p
Its quite nice actually because its those retractable type and you dont need to keep on sharpening. RM14.16 from sasa.



The other good brand of eyeliner kat SASA is jordano, its reasonable and the colors are gr8. I LUVVV SASA.hehee

mama23beas said...

Aiyah...should come to fashionasia blog more often. I need people to tell me to get ideas like this. Love that type of soap.

Anonymous said...

don't like those retractable ones cause they break if you drop them.

Dragon City said...

the soap look very convinience to bring around ler..