Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Romantically Yours

I've been tagged to do a meme by JeremyC. Buttt........ i don't see how my answers would be interesting because sadly I never did celebrate Valentines day all my years..... so I'd pass. Heh......I oni do meme's that I the one with "howmany SHOES do you own??" kinda meme.... kekekeke

So to make it up to those eagerly waiting for my answers to the meme, Id like to provide my answer to pu3 punya question, in conjunction with this romantic day.

"What is the most romantic thing someone ever said to you?"

To me, it was an SMS the hubby sent to me.

We were already engaged at that time, slightly about a year ago that was during last years CNY time. We went for a trip to a beach resort in kuantan.

So we had a blasts of a day at sea, the tide was really high and there were like almost 50 of us friends swimming in the sea. It was a whole lot of fun for everyone was holding everyone's hand both sides because it was really a scary tide!!! sort of like a mini tsunami. I held on to hubby's huge palm, him holding my tiny palm ever so tightly....and we would jump on the count of 3 whenever the wave approaches. That is because if we don't jump, we would most likely be swallowing lots of sea water la.

Anyhoo, at night before we went to bed, i received an SMS. (i was in a room of 3 with galpals and he was in another room with guypals). Hubby sent the most beautiful thing
"The wave is strong, as I hold your hand, our love is stronger"
I smiled, a wide smile and fell asleep with these words in my head. So sweet indeed.
To me, I treasured it very much as the hubby is not the romantic kind ya know. All 7 years with him, I've known and grown to accept that he is Mr.Practical, hardly Mr.Romantic. So this is a total shocker to me. Needless to say i still kept the SMS in my handset. Dated 11 Feb 2005.


Jeremy C said...

Wah!!!!ultimate mushy-ness...hehe

Happy Valentine's to you and your family!


Walawei.Mushynya.Kalah la I.hehehe...
Thanks for putting my name in your post.
Such honor!
Happy V day. We don't celebrate it too.To us, everyday is a Valentine's day.TAke care.

MJ said...

:) soo sweeeet!