Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Nikki The Maharani

OK I seldom do this.....pimping.... But I have my exceptions occasionally. ;)

Remember Nikki??? er... No? Neh......the Malaysian Idol 1 finalist that sang like Mariah Carey??
aaahhhh..........remember huh?? well yes of coz you remember because her audition video clip was circulating around like a sprouting virus during MI1. Remember the Roslan Jaw dropping scene?? Well, ya ....I did THE SAME TOO. Come on now, how many Malaysians you know can actually sing like Mariah Carey and actually reach the high notes?? Nada, zilch!! I tell ya, Im totally impressed with the girl. Although I did not follow the episodes of MI1 nor MI2 for that matter. But i totally thought she would at least make it to the final 3.

Anyway, to cut the long story short. I accidentally bump into her new official site through a friends blog-->to aflinshauki's blog--> to an unofficial nikki site--> to this site
( too free....its 7.20pm and im still in the office waiting for my ride :P)

Newayzz....Nikki released her new album not long ago. The album cover so. The make-up is bluearrghh.... her dress was unimpressive.... But when i click on the nikki playa . Hmm....not bad lah the girl. The album is called Maharani. RM29.90. Belilah Original yo'!! ;) Support lah sikit. I actually like her voice very much. Check it out.

footnote: ok nikki music, i curi the pic frm ur site. If tak boleh lemme know i take it down.


Anonymous said...

Another girl that can reach the note is Idayu from AF3 =) And she's much much better than Nikki but apparently, no one seem to want to appreciate her. Maybe because she's from Kelantan and people think that she's rich enough to survive making a record on her own.


S-kay, I baru nak put in comment abt idayu.Yes, she sings much better than nikki because she studied vocal and music kat UITM. And now with her slender look, lagila I support. Which she could come out wiht an album too.sedap her voice. Nikki ni I cannot hear her clip as my comp takde sound card kat office.How sad is that?anyhow, will take your recommendation and listen to her song one day.

Fashionasia said...

oohh...Idayu??...i must go look at AF site to see who is the girl. Dari kelate pulak tu!!
Anyway I was arden fan of AF2...semangat kuat to follow almost every concert. Tapi AF3 i ....:P ....sorryla tak tengok punnn....main sms voting stress la kita orang tengok. AF3 tak suspen tak syiok.

I googled Idayu...Hmmm....i think i know who dat girl is...I saw the episode where she got booted out and i was thinking...what a waste of talent!!!

King's wife said...

yeah, i read about the nikki album sometime back too. pretty good review.
And Idayu, she was actually one of my favourites and IMHO, the best singer of the lot!! too bad she was voted out.