Friday, January 06, 2006

Christian Dior Moisturizer Lotion

I've been putting alot of make-up on lately due to the occasion and one thing i don't like about putting thick make-up is that it tends to make my skin dry and sometimes may cause breakouts. It is very important to protect your skin before putting on your make-up, which is why professional make-up artists make you buy those ampules that costs like 40-50 ringgit per application?? Now we can't all afford to apply ampules everytime we put on our make-up cant we?

Anyway, a good day moisturizer is essential pre-makeup. However, personally i do feel that any moisturizer will do, it doesnt have to be the real pricey types, you can get a decent day moisturizer from any drugstore for less than 10 ringgit or so. I've used the one from johnson&johnsons, not bad. Nivea or Ponds have some lovely face cream too.

Eversoft have something called tinted moisterizer, I've used it and i liked it when i want to just go out but not putting up too much make-up, I'll just use that and skip the foundation. Which is good because it has a certain amount of SPF that protects the skin from harmful rays. Apart frm that, it evens out the skintone. However, it doesn work for people with lots of blemishis or uneven skintone to cover-up as the lotion is pretty watery, but it should work well for those with fine/not too bad skin. Other than eversoft, i accidentally found another brand called PAN+ (i think ...cant remember the name) distributed at Sinma outlet in 1Utama. Its a US product, kinda look like the cheapy stuffs that i wouldnt ever use on my face, but i don't know what makes me try it!! The verdict is...i'm impressed. Especially the Post-Care cream for pimples. I normally use Oxy if i have breakouts but ever since i tried this new brand, i think its like a miracle cream! I works really well!! I'll do another review on that later.

My current daily face lotion is now the Dior No Age Essential Progress Fluid SPF 8
I bought this during the previous Dior warehouse sale at 80 ringgit only. Normally would cost about 200-300 ringgit. I don't think so i'd be buying it again at 200-300 ringgit unless its the warehouse sales again, i'd most definately grab a bottle or two. 80 ringgit is a steal!

"An age-defense refining fluid that contains SPF8. SPF8 offers mild protection against the sun. Visibly helps diminish the appearance of fine lines. Instantly provides a sensation of relaxation & comfort. Achieves a flawless & translucent appearance. Suitable for all skin types. " I quote from

ps. look at my lovely lilac manicure!! hehe....


mama23beas said...

Great tips, thanks...and I just found out that you are newlywed..congrats! Good luck on trying for a baby in 2007;)

Anonymous said...

I always recommend Olay Total Effects. Absolutely brilliant and affordable!! I used to have breakouts and it would leave scars even if I never touch it. My mom said that my skin was like that since I was a baby. But with this moisturiser, not only did my complexion looked more radiant but my scars heal much faster and I breakout lesser now.

I use it under my make up and it's not greasy but just nice. I don't have to use a separate day/night moisturiser but can use Olay for both. Of course, next time when I start working..I'll prolly get a better one lah since they say that you should change your moisturisers every 2 years (actually) because it would lose the effect it has on your skin after that duration.

Eh, you should try their toner. I think it was for dry skin. I love the scent man!

Anonymous said...

Oh..and Clinelle's Pimple Gel is good too. Not super strong like Oxy. Oxy peels my skinler. Too strong for my liking. Clinelle is more gentle and it zaps out pimple without leaving scars. =)