Monday, January 09, 2006

Juicy Tube Gloss

What does this blog lack??
I know!!!......still using my trusted PDA camera so the resolution is pretty bad.
Although i got my wish come true. I got an exilim as 1 of the wedding gift! hurrah!! Now i gotta actually START using it. heh....

Yesterday I bought myself a tube gloss from SilkyGirl.
I normally don't like drugstore cosmetics but silkygirl(previously wet n wild) is exceptional. The product is great. Really. You've gotta try it to believe it, i've tried their lipgloss to eyeshadow to face powder, all pretty impressive. Yes, the packaging kinda sucks. Hehe....I don't fancy their plasticky pink lipstick casings. blueek.... And lately the lipgloss with swirly glasslike plasticky looking packaging makes it look very cheapskate. I don't know about you but thats just me.I really hope they work on their packaging. However, if you actually use the products, its actually good, coupled with excellent pricing.

Came across the new Brush on Lip-Gloss. I bought the one in Berry Punch 06. The fact that I love it? Its got a brush applicator attached to the tube!!! A+++ to that!! And another A+++ to the pricetag at RM 9.90 each. Tried it today, notbad i'd say. Other than that, i also bought the Funky Eyelights Pencil in Metallic Bronze 06. Works great as eyeliner or you can work it well as an eyeshadow.


mudslinger said...

i wanted to try it out too, because it was a bargain. but the packaging also turned me off. but after reading your review,maybe i'll go ahead and get it.

btw, consider yourself tagged!

MJ said...

I tot of buying it but it's sold out in the places I looked. Cheap compared to other lip glosses. :)

Anonymous said...

I only like their eyebrow pencil. My lips can't seem to take lipglosses by L'Oreal/Silkygirl or Revlon. They make my lips look dry after that (somehow)