Friday, January 06, 2006

Datuk Michelle Yeoh is no typical lady

I think so that way when i saw her in the trailer of Memoirs Of Geisha together with zangziyi. AGAIN.

Thats because, well from what i saw while they were doing Crouching Tiger, i thought that zangziyi really outshine Michelle. Even the credits given to zangziyi was wayyyy wayyy more. And if I could say so, i'd think a normal hollywood actress would have freaked out and throw in a tantrum or two and probably ended up not being friends with each other and will never accept another role alongside the other person.

Well, Michelle is different. I guess its because she is a Malaysian. We are usually humble. I guess in a way, I'm proud of her and that i think those bullimic girls in hollywood should learn a thing or two from her.


Anonymous said...

she did show her quality, beside seeing her the side of Ferrari's boss (odd match), I actually getting to like her more.

Olive Poppy said...

Nay to Zhang Ziyi, yay to Michelle Yeoh!