Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas was a blast!

My christmas this year is a blast! I thoroughly enjoyed myself, I dunno somehow this year is kinda special, i love buying and giving gifts!! I getto celebrate with lotsa childrens and nothing makes me happier than smiling children.....

First time celebrating christmas together as hubby n wifey. Hubby wanted to suprise me by bringing me to Reneissance but somehow 1 of his friends accidentally spilled out the beans. boohoo.....
But alas we ended up in a different place-- Swensen's. It was nice, the food was great. I don't know what kinda caramel sauce they use for the salmon it was superb!!! Plus, icecream always makes me happy!!!!

Christmas always end too soon.

[update 1.11pm]
One thing about Swensen's that could have made it a better christmas is christmas songs. I don't know why they were'nt playing christmas songs. I just loveeeeeeeeee christmas songs. On christmas eve, hubby n I decided to catch some christmas mood so we headed off to 1Utama. But we were rather dissappointed that there wasn't that much of a christmas "feel". I mean yes individual shops plays they're own music and some plays lovely christmas songs. However, there wasn't a broadcasts of christmas carols that i was expecting. oh well, maybe they dont want to offend those who's not celebrating. I was in Singapore last year and i recall that Singapore was lovely during christmas season. Lovely deco, songs everywhere. The year is ending too soon....too soon indeed.


Random stuffs:

I lost my DIOR plastic gloss lipgloss!!!!! HOW CAN???!!!!! ITs my favouritesttttt!!!!! sigh......very sad ;( where can it be?!?!?!


Someone look me up for a job. I din apply for it but it came, so i'm writing my resume. opportunities!!


Went to IKEA yesterday, am looking for a dressing table. I think i saw what i like. Oh and i loveeeeeeeeeeeee ikea's meatballs!!!!!



Jeremy C said...

Yep, I love Swensen's as well :)

Anonymous said...

Merry X'mas to you too and I'm happy to see a happy person in the X'mas mood ... :)

anjali* said...

Hey u, Belated Christmas and Happy New Year to you :)

JT said...

Man I can empathise about losing your favourite stuff.

I lost my favouritessttt brooch just before christmas when I applied for this job. ARGH! I was so sad. Thank god I got the job, otherwise it wouldn't have been worth it.