Monday, October 31, 2005

Christian Dior Warehouse Sales- The verdict

As planned, I manage to go to the CDior warehouse sales on Saturday albeit i was a little late, but i made it nontheless. Which i think it is a good thing because of some last minute price slash(further reduction) but the down side of being late is that all the good stuffs are already sold off.

It was at Coronade hotel, next to Lot 10. The warehouse isn't all that big. Just a very small part of a ballroom i'd say. only 1 row of desks from front to the end. And another row of cashers. Thats all.

Items selling are such are cosmetics, fragrance(not much) and skincare.

It was indeed a very good buy, especially skincare and cosmetics. The Christian Dior lipglosses are all going at about RM25. Which is equivelant to the price of a normal drugstore lipstick. I went crazy over the lipglosses/lipsticks. I think i bought like 7 of them? It didn't help when The Fiance kept on saying buy buy all .....wah....I was like so shiok buy and buy and buy. I knew that it was really cheap because I just bought a Dior lipgloss last month off the counter and it costs me RM72!!!! and when i see the price RM25. I knew it was a genuine sales. Besides, Chrismas is around the corner and i can always give them away as gifts. So ada class man!!! Right or not? giving Dior presents. walauehh..

Besides lipglosses, eyeshadows and a blush.I also bought some skincare. This wan kinda expensive la but then outside selling at about RM300 here i get it for RM100 and below i think its worth the money for such a brand.

In the end i sorta spend a little more than RM500 that day. pheww.......good thing the paycheck is in. :)
At first fiance was paying, thats y he was like soooooo encouraging ask me to buy buy buy.....Then last minute the creditcard didn't go through n not enough cash so i paid for my own. chey..... :P

The verdict?
Great warehouse. Genuine sales. Greate buy and save alot of money because my load of approx RM550 is probably worth RM2000 if you get them off the shelf at the Dior counter.

Fashionasia gives thumbs up and looking forward to go again next year.


Shiny Blue Black said...

"i think its worth the money for such a brand."

I'm sorry. A brand that spends more in advertising, marketing and packaging than in getting you good products?

Don't forget you are buying what is probably old stock - lipsticks and creams etc also have a use by date, even brands like CD which load up on the artificial preservatives.

Well, I'm glad you think you got your money's worth.

fishtail said...

If I were there, I would probably have bought myself a small bottle of Miss Dior (my favourite). Or am I grossly out of date?

lynnee said...

i was there last year. bought a box of miniatures. RM100 for 5 bottles.


this year didn't go cos already blew $$$ away on the lancome sale last weekend.

Anonymous said...

I didn't go because my car got scratched after the haircut in hartamas and i was too moodless to go no thanks to my dad.

I used to use their skincare..forgot what's the name but I know it's in clear pink bottles. For dry skin. Last time when I was working for Dior, fuh, I had employee prices. Now, stopped adi..too costly to buy so I settled for normal L'Oreal until maybe when my skin needs more care and I have more moolahs when I start work =P I love the scent of their skincare though.

Fashionasia said...

infinite bowel: 1. I think they use a whole chunk of the money in R&D too, not all goes to advertising. 2. Actually they are not all old stock because i checked and most of them manufactured in 2005 or end 2004. Still pretty new. Besides, most of the lipsticks/gloss are Dior Addict range, which is still pretty new. Although ya they don't have the latest stuffs but not exactly THAT old.

fishtail: oh you like Dior too?? ;)

lynnee: they dont have the miniatures...i would have bought them too!! or maybe i was just late

skay: oh poor dear...nvm, there's always next year!! and your year end trip is pretty soon! yey!

MJ said...

hahha Lynnee: same as u. Missed this Dior, spent on Lancome.
Fashion Asia: I still hv the lipglosses from the last Dior ;) tot of getting their skincare but nah, need to save $

Darren said...

Shit..u know what.. I was there too!! I tot it was ParkRoyal Hotel?

The girls are crazy! They came out with huge bags of cosmetics!

I was so out of place, trying to buy something for gf