Friday, October 28, 2005

Slow day....

Its a slow day today. I'm kinda lazy to work today because I'm already feeling the holiday mood.
Well, most of my colleagues already took Monday and Wednesday off for next week so that they can have 9 days off! Wow....sounds so nice........only if you're going on a holiday or balik kampung la. If you are not doing anything......9 days is very boring you know!! Sometimes i don't understand my colleagues. They just plan to stay home and sleep the whole 9 days. I dunno, maybe its just me. I tak boleh tahan la i'm a workaholic wat. heh..

I didn't take any leave because i plan to come to work on Mon & Weds. I feel that the public holiday is sufficient for me to have good rest. Besides, while everyone is having fun and jollying around, I plan to do some re-organizing and clearing backlogs. Never a better time to do these than now. Besides, when everybody comes back to momentum, I will be terribly busy with this particular project i have been assigned to so i guess its best that i take the opportunity to plan the workflow before i actually go into it.

to those who are celebrating the festivals.......Happy celebrating!!!
to those who are travelling...... Drive safely and remember better slow than sorry!!
to those who are holidaying..... Have fun!!!
to those who are gonna spend 9 days sleeping..........Happy Hibernating!!! remember to wake-up before christmas!! Ha!
to those who are as pathetic as me............gimme a high 5!!! *smack*


Jeremy C said...

Hi-five to you *smack*

Looking forward to a weekend of rest before coming in to work on Monday again...

shawnchin said...

Tinggi Lima!!

I used to love going to work when everyone else on leave.
a. Almost no colleague around in office
b. Bosses also dun have
c. Clients also mostly on leave

a + b + c =
1. Internet bandwidth completely mine!! Mine!! Mine!!
2. No need to face annoying colleagues
3. Order pizza delivery, have picnic while watching DVD using company projector :P
4. Still get paid for your day at "work"

fishtail said...

I am also not taking any leave, but that's because part timers have no leave take :) For that matter, my total income for the entire Deeparaya week is exactly zero.