Monday, September 19, 2005

Don't you know that by being registered means officially married???

Ya see, ive been engaged for like a couple of years already but only planning to actually get married end of the year. Just the other day i was on MSN which is a rare occasion for me as i hardly go on MSN anymore, i've totally grown out of my irc, icq, msn phase. Anyhowz, this friend of mine was online and he asked me this:

Friend: are you married yet?
Me: Nope.....not yet lah.....
Friend: have you registered??
Me: ???!!!???
Me: isn't it that by registering means officially married??

Actually this is not the first time i've encountered such situation. Recently i have a gathering with my old schoolpals and the guy told me that his sister is gonna "register" soon. I said....what?? your baby sister??? so younggg....... then he said , register only


now people......please understand this.

Register = Officially Married

Not your tak tong chiang...teng teng teng teng ceremoney(i mean ceremony) okay!!!
I know some ppl register first and then have their wedding ceremony 1 or 2 years later but if you go and register you are legally bound!! cannot nullify wan ok??!! don't play play...... unless you're underaged la then your papa or mama can go to the registra of marriage and object and drag u back home......kekekkeke

I dont understand lo, howcome ppl dont get the significance of the marriage registration??


inevitable said...

registered = officially married period

PinPin 彬彬 said...

This has something to do with our culture i guess. There wasn't any marriage registation back in the old days and the wedding reception / ceremony was considered as the official one.

So, this means we are living in the 21st century but having the mentality of the 19th century. :P

Anonymous said...

yah, I was registered for two years before had our ceremony, my MIL keeps asking us when we going to get "marry", we said registered already what, they said no that one don't count.
then what count?

Anonymous said...

totoro is right.

for me, i think older ppl are more concerned are more worried abt wat OTHER ppl think. typical of parents lar. no tong tong cheng n makan hotel, means not married. i guess the older generation havent really caught on yet.

Anonymous said...

Hie.. I'm not sure if this is true? I alwiz thought register is officially married but nowadays or recently, my friend and his gf registered, but it seems that after three months if you don't go back and sign something, then the marriage is not official. So if yo udecide want to get married( register) you need to do it all over again. Is it true?