Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Eye Liners

Eye Liners

Been meaning to talk about liners and well since JG asked about which liners to recommend sometime ago i might as well do so in this post.

Basically there are 2 types of eye liners(or more but i'm only familiar with 2).

1. Pencil liners
These kinda liners is what i call the "safe" liners. You can never go wrong with sharp pencil liners. Pencil liners comes in variant colors but for asian i would recommend to go for dark brown for the natural look. Black is common too but it will make you look a little fierce.

2.Liquid liners
The second type of eyeliners are the liquid liners. Liquid liners are great. They give wonderful definition to the eyes. However, to be able to use liquid liners one must have steady hands. If you're shaky, best is to stay with pencil liners. Otherwise the line definitions might just turn out ziggy-zaggy and it is just so difficult to rub off and reapply. Just too messy.

I love the liquid liners from the body shop. I use the one in dark brown. Its great.

If you prefer pencil liners, well i dont have any particular brand to recommend but bare in mind that even if you get a great product, you wont look great if you don't apply them with the right techniques.

For eye liners. The application totally depends on the shape and type of eyes you have.
For example, for those with big round eyes, try not to draw the outline to your WHOLE eye!! It will only exagerate them and cause you to have a "shocked" face.

For those with smaller eyes, you should outline the whole eyes to make them look bigger.

Personally i've recently bought myself a retractable pencil liner from Silky Girl (used to be called Wet n Wild). Its good because i don't have to sharpen the pencil every now and then. Cost approx RM 14.90. I like it, sometimes i just put on my liners and use my fingers to smudge a little over my eyelids and i have smokey eyes, need not apply any eyeshadow because it looks good enough. Probably for a better effect, put on a light white colorshimmer on the upper eyelid covering the socket. The effect is amazing.

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Anonymous said...

I'm using Silky Girl's brow pencil. I think it has been a few months adi and the tip last damn long coz I haven't sharpened it before YET.

I used to use liquid liners but somehow, after a long day, the thing will come out in a layer form. Like I can peel it out. Maybe it's my oily lid. So now I resort to pencil liners. Currenly using the Lancome one and it's a great buy especially when I'm the only one using it. The funny thing is, when I just apply, the line's so nice then towards the night, it smudges by itself...self-do smokey eye effect..ahahha

irenekay said...

I prefer eye-shadow liner....straight or i dap my brush with a lil water...kekekeke...
liquid liner can be a bit scary at times...:P

JellyGirl said...

I am only just discovering the exciting world of eyeliners. On my last trip to US, I bought a Bourjois kohl black eye pencil and found it really good. Really smooth and not too fierce-looking. But what I really want to try next are those shimmery shades of liquid eyeliner. Would love one in gold.

JT said...

I got the Body shop liner too! But how do u put it on? I can't get it right? I guess I have shaky hands :(

Fashionasia said...

skay: Try the retractable, its really good. Some pencils cant quite draw on the eyelids u gotta draw kinda hard u know what i mean? this one is easy breezy.

irenekay: oh ya!! i forgot thats the other way to do it, use dark color eyeshadow as liner. Never go wrong with that...

JG: Ooo!! yes shimmery is coool. I've got 1 in bronse but its not shiny enough so after applying the liquid liner it just turns into .....well practically non existance bcos the color sorta looks like skin tone. Make sure u get a real shiny sparkling one. Darker color is better.

missy-J: steady hands girl......
Try resting your lower palm on your face and lock your wrist.

Anonymous said...

Would love to use liquid liners but my hands are too shaky. And mascara? I can never get it right. The damn lashes don't blardy curl!

MJ said...

me too shaky hand :)
I like Great Wear Budge-Proof Eyeliner Waterproof

hope u don't mind, I put a link this post?

Peter said...

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