Sunday, July 03, 2005

Beaded Slippers

The Beaded slippers or aladdin slippers as i call it is the latest in-thing. So being the kiasu fashionista that i am. I just must own one too. (actually i own 3 pairs already but this is the exact type that I've been longing for..hehee....*blush*).

Bought this lovely sequined slippers last week at the newly opened Hartamas Shopping Complex. The place itself is not really that fancy. Nothing much to see let alone to shop.
I went to some of the shops and found an exact same pair of shoes like the above at one of the shops retailing at RM59.90. There wasnt any discount thus i left the shop eventhough i tested it and found it to be most lovely. Later I came to this shop called XES and lo and behold the exact same pair of shoes!!! but of a different brand. This time RM39.90 only!! woohoo..... I immidiately decided to buy them after getting my size. I'm usually a size 6 but for this pair it kinda look a little smaller thus i settled for a size 7.

Love the beads. Loved the color it looks so serene and soft when i wear em. Also the rounded front made it very comfortable too.

here is a close-up on the sequins. You must love them!!! I know its my current favourite pair of shoes!!! err....right after my silver min min's of course!!(not quite over it yet) ;)


PS: oh and i've just realized that XES is SEX spelled backwards. Hmmm........nowonder its called XES Appeal. Ooohlalaa.....


Reta said...

lol i just blogged about my shoe too =)

Fashionasia said...

and a lovely one too ;) said...

You know what? I put your URL on my link but it just won't load. Not sure what is wrong with it.

Really, beaded shoes in fashion? Must trust your word hor? 'Cos I got a pair and my son said I look like those old old nyonyas. Cilaka punya budak! Anyway, me gonna go KL probably mid month. Whoopee.

Oh ya,cyber-red black killer stilettoes (sp?) is really sexy. *sigh* Nvm, I have had my share, once upon a time.

Anonymous said...

I sew my own beads and sequins too!!! *'5 twinsmom* Not coz wanna save money but coz I want my own color =P

Anyway, replying to your previous post comment, can see wan mah you're a size 6...dunno...from the pic I guess =P I'm a size 7

I can't buy anymore shoes coz no place to put. Everyone's banning me from buying shoes =P

Fashionasia said...

hi twinsmom!!!: Thanks for visiting. sew your own beads!! how cool is that!!! got pics or not?

skay: you too??!! wow're really something. Can cook can sew....lucky guy da Naz. ;)

5xmom : cannot link ah?? nebermind, try again later okay. oh and the trick not to look like some old nyonya is to match with something contemporary....ya know..something old, something new....mix n match

Unknown said...

Wow!!!Thats real Gorgeous..have no words to express.hope it must very costly..the work on those shoes are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

hi, i know this is probably only for comments but i wonder if anyone knows where you can find these "XES" shops? or where you can find the brand being sold?



Anonymous said...

hi anon: XES shops are available throughout Malaysia. I know there is 1 in Amcorp Mall, PJ. Another one in Lowyat plaza, KL. And I'm quite certain there is one at Hartamas shopping centre.....But if you're not in Malaysia, then im not sure where you can find them....cheers!

Jard The Great said...

Hi there! I just bought XES shoes for RM14.95. There's a 50% discount sale in a XES shop in Carrefour, Wangsamaju.

I've noticed that many of the Carrefour outlets around Malaysia has these XES outlets. So if you want to check it out, just visit a Carrefour near u! Cheers!