Monday, July 04, 2005

Berry Shiny

Went to 1Utama with The Fiance on thursday and i bought myself a matching pair of under garments(in Yellow and Green. I know i know!!!! eeeekss right?? but i assure you it looks greater than it sounds ok) and also bought a sports bra.

Later, i passed by the Maybelline counter and spotted something new. Its the "Water Shine Gloss".
They don't have any testers yet since its new so I spotted this one.

(Water Shine Gloss from Maybelline- color=Berry Shiny) ps. notice pps at my laptop screen?

The color is called Berry Shiny. Only cost about RM18.90 so what the heck....... Lets give it a try. The verdict? Berry berry good. Of course since its a gloss, the color isnt that strong. You can perhaps put a little lipstick base on first and smack the gloss on-top to make it lasts. Else, it'll work great just gloss alone cos can still see the color. It feels great on the lips. Been using it the whole day. But the trouble is you really have to keep reapplying it again and again and again bcos it wears off easily.

Hmmm...seems that i buy lotsa maybelline huh? Well ya i guess so cos its pretty affordable within its range.
And oh some updates on the Mascara's. Remember the limited edition Lash Discovery?? Ya i bought them all!!! yes all 3!!! haha......paiseh paiseh(blush blush). OK, My opinion?? forget about the Fuchia...what a let-down. The color is dull and very diluted....cannot even see the color. The Gold one is nice enough to add glitters to your eyes. The bronse?? I bought it but i couldnt be bothered to open it. Its just sitting there in my drawer. I don't plan on opening it so soon lest it drys up before i actually get to use them. SOoooooooooooo, i'm still hunting for a cool electric blue mascara. I used to have 1 from maybelline too. It was fantabulous!!!!!!! lotsa great compliments when i put them on. Can't seem to find the particular model anymore.

Current Mission:
1.hunt for electric blue mascara
2. Stila limited edition lip gloss

Signing Off,


Optimist said...

Hey, when are you gonna post a picture of you and your fiance? Or just you in Yellow and Green will do, topped off with berry shiny.

Anonymous said...

Was it from La Senza *winks winks*

I'm trying to get those Stila blusher and gloss....their packaging look so girly.

irenekay said...

try lancome or chanel....great mascara and I think they have them in electric blue