Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Guess how much?

new sweater i bought. Guess howmuch???

Updated Saturday as promised:

Thanks for guessing guys!!

Wah Torment and Simon you two pakat or what?? RM 19.90 + RM 59.90 /2 = RM 39.90

This i bought from 1 of the random shops within Petaling Street. Its lovely, the buttons are sideways as in 3/4 to the left and i like the tie around ribbon belt.


Yoong Family said...


Optimist said...

Um, Ah..RM19.90?

irenekay said...

btw nice blog...hard to find any blogger dedicated herself just on fashion....not any particular brand, but just on style and fashion.

Fashionasia said...

Thanks for the lovely comments irene!
mistyeiz: almost!!! ;)

Thanks simon n torment u guys rock!!