Friday, July 01, 2005

My Silver Flats

My precious Silver blink-blink shoes from 1 of the shops at Bugis Street in Singapore. Muahaha......looks abit "ahlian" no? But actually i do feel that the pictures does no justice to this beauty. Its so very much prettier especially on my feet. Teehee....

Updated (3rd July 05):

Yup,as promised I've loaded the pic i took from my PDA. Resolution is not very good but it'll do. Ya, this silver flats are from my recent trip to Singapore. Its the Min Mins!! haha...... a bad attempt at immitating the Miu Miu I know.... But still cant resist it. Initially it was priced at about SGD 29 but i manage to bargain to SGD 20, which to me is pretty reasonable. Muahahaha.....used my "petaling street" negotiation skills on the "bugis street" shop. It works like a charm.... and i got my lovely silver flats!!!! Woohoooo!!!!

Signing Off,


JellyGirl said...

Ah-ha so these are the Min Min shoes! hehe. I like, very nice!

Anonymous said...

haha...what size you wear? looks like a size 6 =P

mystic said...

very nice come i din see when i was there :( *hmmph*

Fashionasia said...

*fashionasia beams with pride*


skay: yup im size 6 !!how u know????!!!!! ;P

Anonymous said...

The shoes are really nice.