Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Between Miss Malaysia and I

With the recent Miss Universe being crowned, i can't help but to feel dissappointed again that Miss Malaysia never made it to the top 10, not that i'm expecting it nor do i see it comming along anytime soon. I thought when Elaine Daly was Miss Malaysia we'd stand a teeny weeny bit of chance to make it then but still, she did not make heads turn enough to make it to top 10.

[BTW i think this year's Miss Universe2005 is gorgeous.]

Miss Universe is a powerful title. Those beauty-with-brains are there for a reason. They are all smart n beautiful. Most of them having degrees, MBA or PHDs.....lawyers, doctors, business women.....etc... The thing is, those that participate in Miss Malaysia pagent are normally shampoo girls, clerks, student, salesgirls....and cant speak good english....... Now where are all the beautiful and intelligent malaysian ladies??? Truth is, they'd rather make money than struting down the catwalk in a bikini. I guess they don't see the significance of the title and howmuch an impact it will bring to our nation if they clinch the title. I do hope to see one of our very own Miss Malaysia make it at least to the top 10 someday, that would be a great sight.

Now, comming back to what I ment to write "between Miss Malaysia and I". You see, back in my hometown, I was one popular gal.(This post is not ment to brag about myself but I'd like to make a point so hear me on this). I was really popular in school, among teachers, among boys, among boys in other schools even. Heck I even have my name on various grafitti spots.......ahaks..... "I (heart) XX" kekeke....I still remember them.....

Recently, a couple of years back I can't remember which year. I saw "her" and read about "her" in theStar Pullout. OMG!!! she is Miss Malaysia (200X) cant remember which year....
This girl is a someone from my school. She was 2 years my senior. Although I sort of know her bcos being the popular girl myself I sorta know alot of people too. I remember back in school she was hardly known-of. She was a very quiet girl in the Arts stream, definately not in the creme-de-la-creme class. Average looking although she's got a unique "hitam manis" look, she was just an average girl next door. I don't even know her name. Definately not one of the "xiao hua"(school flowers). Since she was not studious, she went on to the MAS academy to become a stewardess right after form 5. Then a couple of years in the industry, she learned how to groom herself and participated in the pageant and whambam.......tahdah!!!! She is Miss Malaysia!!

Now what about me????? A Shopaholic by nature, a Workaholic by choice.

Ya, still leading a boring life surrounded by Techie and trapped in the world of network and computers....writing proposals and drawing network diagrams....... sigh......

Btwn Miss Malaysia and I..... I'd want to be Miss Malaysia anytime. If only i can loose 10kg and grow 4 inches [Updated: 4 inches in HEIGHT my pointed out by 5xmom , i wouldnt want it to go anywhere else].

Signing Off,


7 comments: said...

Fashionasia, You must be specific where you want the 4 inches to be. Don't want them plonk on the hips or tummy, right? Hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog..coz I get to read bout girly girl beautifying products as well here =P

I read about the TIGI product thing to prevent split ends. I think I might just go get it since you've tried it already. I used to go in SHINS often and really felt like buying the product because of its colorful packaging =P but I wasn't sure whether their stuff was good..hehehe

Anonymous said...

lol gee girl, I'm dying to know who your senior is;D

Hitam hm... i'm thinking Kopitiam.

Yoong Family said...

Darn it, i've been trying for 7 years now and they never once chose me for that dumb Miss Malaysia contest. I think they have something against men.

Fashionasia said...

5xmom : tks, your advise is taken...kekeke
s-kay: Thanks for your lovely comments. Do try the Tigi if you have split ends. But regular treatment(i mean by going to the saloon) will make the split ends go away totally.
Jayelle: nope!! not her. ;)
simon: where is your red hot bikini?? that should work

Anonymous said...

I trim my hair about 2 months once to get read of split ends and do mask at home far not that bad ler...hardly see any split ends. Hope to maintain it this way. But my hair is really getting longer each day. Must take extra good care of it

Reta said...

Nah...I wouldn't want to be known as the girl with 'sex on feet'. Beauty Queens may be 'nice to look'at..but they have to really put themselves out there if they wanna be also known as beauty AND with brains.

Some fame might be exciting for a while but its tiresome in the end I guess. =)