Friday, June 10, 2005

INFLATION sucks....chinchau also cost RM 1.90 ??

It's been awhile since my colleagues and I went to SS2 for lunch. So on Tuesday, since 1 of my colleagues wanted to pay bills so we ended up in SS2 for lunch.

While my colleague ordered food for us, I ordered drinks.

fashionasia: "2 chinchau shuet (Iced black jelly drink) please"
kopitiam ahbeng: "no make wan got can wan ok?"
fashionasia: "ok"
kopitiam ahbeng delivered 2 cans of cheers brand chinchau :" RM3.80"
fashionasia dig dig purse......take out RM 4, take back RM0.20.
fashionasia *do mental calculation* Wahlauehhhhh Cheers Brand Canned ChinChau costs RM 1.90 each????!!!! fuhhyooh.......INFLATION ALERT!!! INFLATION ALERT!!!

sigh..... Cannot order canned drinks anymore its double the price you can get from hypermarkets. I would say 1 can of cheers chinchau in hypermarket is less than RM 1 each. Cheers brand leh not Seasons brand, not Yeo hiap seng.....sigh....

Mental Note: Must. Save. For. Rainy.Days

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Anonymous said...

Wah. That's freaking cut throat man! Inflation everywhere but I only see the cost of products increasing. How bout our salary? Nowonder people say our buying power is low. Sigh. I shall make my own cincau next time tambah limau summore =P

Ivan said...
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Ivan said...

yeah.. everything's going up except our salary which do not even reflect the rate of inflation. :P

PAC said...

its malaysia boleh....
now become more expensive lo... day and day....heheheheh