Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Lip Balm

Recently a friend of mine ask me if i use lip balm. Rather puzzled at why she asked me that, i answered truthfully, ya i do. And proceeded to comment that nowadays i prefer to use lipgloss rather than lipsticks because it moisturizes my lips and give me a sexy pout *muaakz*...teehee

Anyhow, today i received a casual gift from her.....for no apparent sweet of her.
She gave me this

its a lip balm from ForeverLiving called Aloe Lips, with jojoba.

I tried it today and it feels great on the lips. Great to use beneath lipsticks. Great trick to keep your lips from cracking is to put on lipbalm after all your makeup. Then drive to office, by the time you reach the office the lip balm more or less settles down on your lips and then after parking your car, put on the lipstick of your choice. This will help moisturize your lips and prevent cracking.

I also have this from Palmers.

This one smells nice enough to eat. Really smells like chocolate+vanilla. It is actually the cocoa butter series. I have the skin lotion too. They are great for ppl with really dry skin. I seldom use this but i buy them for The Man cos he has dry skin. So for those with dry skin, try em out.

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Anonymous said...

wah all girls stuff ar ? hehehe

Fashionasia said...

u must be a guy lah.....
If i have more guy readers then once a while i'll slip a trick or two for u men outthere to dress YOUR AGE for example.....kekekekeke