Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I Know a Malaysian Girl when i see one......

Not too long ago FF blogged about why Singaporean Men should marry a Malaysian chick.......I liked the way she put it.........Check out her write-up

Well, somewhere along the comment lines i realize the singaporeans commented that they can spot a Malaysian girl anytime by the way she dresses.

I wasnt really offended coz to me Malaysians..Singaporeans....we all come from the same roots. However, being a Fashion blogger, the comment got me thinking hard. What makes them say that? Do they mean it in a bad way or a good way?? Do we malaysian girls not have a sense for fashion or do we just dress "very the one kind wan"........

Well, of coz we cant generalize people but i finally realized that well yes i guess our sense of fashion may be a weee bit plain and not so elaborated......but i dont think so we dress all that different from singaporeans. I did a quick reference by visiting the Spore Queen of blogs to catch some examples of how Spore girls dresses...............frankly speaking......i dont see no difference......except that malaysian girls put far lesser make-up and goes much lighter on the accesssories.

Personally, I'm a jakun that hails frm the kampung up north and I do know what is it like to be in a fashionless state. My best "outfit" used to be my mickey-mouse T-shirt(ciplak wan) and lady-like jeans that cost RM 59.90. eh...don't laugh..........a decade ago thats alot wei........and my best shoes are pink sneakers from "power" available at all Bata Outlet. blueehhh......Perhaps i'm one of the contributing factor that causes this generalization?? If i have i'm sorry and I'm making it up to you Msian girls now by dressing myself up real well nowadays. Anyway, as teenagers back then we were good kids and saves our parents HUGEEEeee amount of money. This i realize when I noticed all the teens & tweens in KL wears more branded stuffs than i do. NIKE shoes, FILA beg, Dr.Marten boots, Kangool cap...etc.etc.

Recently i visited Singapore and i do agree somewhat that em Singaporean chicks do have some fashion sense. I remember walking pass the LV butique and actually see quite ALOT of people in there buying stuffs. Which, if you happen to walk by any high-end butiques like ESCADA in KLCC, there's hardly any mosquito inside.

When Malaysians mention the word "branded" it actually mean brands like DKNY, GUESS, ARMANI. Sometimes Esprit, Elle, MNG,Morgan, G2000 and such also falls into this category.

When Singaporeans mention the word "branded" it actually mean brands like PRADA, GUCCI, LV, BURBERRY,COACH.....etc.. conclusion, Singaporeans spend money like water(cos they have more money than water). Malaysians waste water like singaporean spend money(cos we have more water than money).....kekekeke...... Just joking.....this is a meaningless post. I love both Spore n Msia very much thankew so aint nobody allowed to feel offended here.

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Danny said...

IMHO, you don't need branded names to just make you look the way you are. Even rags or thrown out clothes could turn you into something different as long you know how.

Though I've not read the comments, I'm assuming the said it because of the branded names they can afford and wear. In Malaysia, because our economy is not at an all time high, we're more careful shopping for items. :)


pinkylicious said...

I do agree with you that Singaporean girls put on thicker makeups than we do, Malaysian. However, shopping in Singapore is great but the things are just too you will definitely not see me in those shops like LV etc.

Fashionasia said...

hi danny: ur mom bday on 11th May too???
Anyway, i totally agree that a beautiful women can pull off anything anytime. Brand or no brand

emothionalistic: OMG i just love shopping in singapore. Am going down in June. ;) need anything?

mystic said...

Woman,if you can afford it, Singapore is the place to shop. I get most of my bags in Singapore. I juz love that place but not all its people. Some singaporeans can be a bit of a snob, like one I met tis evening.

JT said...

My best friend is Malaysian, but she shops in Singapore more often. But that's only because she studies here.

And I believe KL has some high end stores too!

JellyGirl said...

I'm Singaporean but I don't wear much make-up! And like emotionalistic, you'll never catch me anywhere near an LV store! :)

Anonymous said...

i think that comment was just a generalization. Malaysian society is more varied, thus you get people with really different dress sense. There're some really kampung ppl out there, but there're also some real hot babes with great fashion sense in Malaysia k!

It's easy for Singaporeans to afford branded goods. The same Zara top that costs RM120 here costs only less than S$60 in Singapore. It's just the economy. But of course that proves to be fatal for me as I've stopped thinking in ringgit and hence never stopped shopping ever since I went there 4 years ago for my studies teehee.