Monday, May 09, 2005

Digital Camera small enough to put in your purse...not forgetting the Fashion factor

Hi friends, I'm so sorry for the absense. Yes i do realize that I've been neglecting my blog and kept procrastinating to put up something new.......I thought It wouldnt matter much in the blogesphere coz i know my readers are not many......But to those avid readers(yes the 2 of you) and espsecially to SK. Thanks for your email, you really made my day and made me write this post.....Here's something for you.


Product Name:Pen DSC
Capacity:64MB / 128MB / 256MB / 512MB
Dimension ( L * W * H ):100 mm, 30 mm, 23 mm
Weight : 50g
Accessory:USB Cable *1, Hand Strap *1, CD Driver *1, Quick Guide *1
Digital Still Camera、Digital Camcorder、PC Camera、USB Flash Disk


I've been meaning to get myself a digital camera small enough to fit into my already full GUESS Handbag. Recently I've stumbled across this site and saw this flashy USB Digital Camera from A-Data and I can't resist myself. I'm contemplating to get myself one.

OK, well since this is a Fashion blog thus we will not be judging this beauty based on its specs okay. Although i do feel that its 1.3 Megapixal is pretty good enough for casual picture taking(mainly for blogging purpose).
The price varies from the range of the capacity.

128MB RM290.00 (approx USD 77)
256MB RM350.00. (approx USD 92 )

Now this is the price i got from the local distributor. I think its rather pricy.What do ya think? Well, its the price that held me back from purchasing. Anyone outthere own this please do share with me your sincere opinion. Would really appreciate that. If i get good reviews I'd definately get myself one.

What i like about it:
1. Its small!!! I love cutesy stuff....
2. Its a fashion statement
3. It won an award for good design and i think so too
4. USB !!!!!! You can charge it via the computer and upload the pictures into your pc/notebook

What i dont like about it:
1. No flash
2. no zoom
3. Pricey $$$$
(well, although i really cant complain about the flash n zoom part cos if i really want a good digital camera i'd get myself a proper one like the canon IXUS or cybershot....)

SOOOOoooooooooooooooo, I'm still thinking if i should get myself one. So how ???

Signing Off,


Dilip Mutum said...

I have been using an Apacer Imagesteno (128MB)for quite sometime now and gives fairly quite good results but only for near shots. I usually carry it in my pocket so that I can take a quick shot whenever I see something interesting. However, it not as flashy as the one featured in your blog.

Fashionasia said...

oooooooooo!!....howmuch would that be? Any cheaper than this one?

Anonymous said...

this pen drive is really cute leh . keep ur ur good works

Fashionasia said...

anybardee out here knows howmany pictures can i take with 128mb ram??