Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Why I hate Hotmail?? I'll tell you why...

I still have friends who uses Hotmail (HM). I personally can't stand HM. I've been trying to convert this particular friend of mine frm Hotmailism to Gmailism. Apparently she's toooooooooo lazy to sign-up and thus resulting to many of our email circulations been bounced back by her hotmail when it exceeds the quota. Ya we spam each other alot with pictures of our friends weddings and so on.

Now, I still have my HM account. Ya, i'm not forgetting my roots and yes HM was the first to provide free web-based email and of course I jumped into the bandwagon a decade ago. But they suck bigtime. It was fine 10 years ago but what made me HATE HATE HATE HM so much is an incident that happened a couple of years ago.

You see, HM gives you a very little space. Even now my HM account still shows 2Mb God knows why they havent automatically inceased the size for me but who cares now that i have my Gmail.

I have been using my HM since schooldays and I usually keep most of my treasured emails and delete off all the trash and junkmails. With limited space such as 2 MB, i cant afford to keep alot of my emails thus i have been very very selective and to only keep emails that i reaaaalllyyy treasure and reaaaaalllyyyy mean alot to me such as Valentines day wishes from various admirers that i used to have feelings for.......emails from the ex, emails and love letters from my admirers.....Man, girls dig these stuffs and we like to keep them. Eventhough we may not have feelings for these ppl anymore but we like to keep them to remind ourselves that we are loved and treasured. Also, these emails contains personal information such as the EMAIL ADDRESS of these wonderful ppl. Who knows I may still wanna send greetings to these ppl or even invite them to my soon to be held wedding?!!!

Well, HM one fine day decided that "ok, since these ppl never like to clean up their mess and we are too stingy to grant them more space. Let us help them do some spring cleaning and clear-up all their old emails when they approach their given limit" Good idea??!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAD IDEA!!!!! BAD BAD BAD!

HM decided that once their users exceed their given 2MB and when they still have emails in queue to come in, HM with built in "INTELLIGENCE" will automatically DELETE OFF ALL YOUR OLD EMAILS to make space for your incomming emails, even if they were SPAM. How "SMART" of them right????!!!!

Shit happens with HM. Apparently they "thought" that they were innovative enough to "intelligize" HM but it is such a big mistake. One day, a friend of mine decided to send me some huge worthless file about the size of 1over MB. And i hadn't been checking my HM so i did not know about it. HM then decided to take things into its own hand and help me delete off all my 10 years worth of treasured emails just to make enough space for this TRASH email. Arrggh!!!!!!! talking about it still make me fume with fire!!! There goes my emails, till now i havent been able to contact some of my friends cos i dont have their email anymore. Those engineers in HM really have no logic at all. I really cant explain how mad i was.

I dont want to talk about it anymore. Just Boycott hotmail.

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thquah said...

works for me too.upgrade sometime back.chg my address to USA,

Anonymous said...

Hey, came here from PPS...I've used a method of upgrading that automatically increases my hotmail size from 2MB to 25MB to 250MB in just 10 minutes! I think it's the same method as someone suggested above...can't really remember as I've used it a few months ago.

Fashionasia said...

hi there!! Thanks ya'll for the suggestions. Ya i learned about this trick too, some of my friends circulate it around but I never wanted to do it cos its soooooo troublesome?!! folders into folders into folders right?!!! sheeeshhh....might as well take the time to register GMAIL mar!!! right or not?? takes lesser time somemore...