Sunday, April 24, 2005

Lash Discovery!! What a discovery!!

The MAN brought me to 1Utama on Wednesday to "pak toh"(go on a date) since is been so long since we went out and have a decent time together.

While i was there, i went to Jaya Jusco for a "brisk walk" hah....or maybe its "brisk shop"....Ya...drop The Man at the new Times bookshop and went over to jusco to look-see.

Well, i was at the Maybelline counter and i thought of checking out the Mascaras they have. I'm not much of a Mascara person you see. I actually hate putting on mascara's. All the mascara's i've bought before have never been used more than 10 times, each. What a waste isn't it??!!! heh...can't help it. I just find that Mascara's have ALOT of room for improvement. It still havent evolved to what i think a mascara should be. Mascara's are just sooooo terribly difficult to apply and almost always smudge. Therefore i only put on mascara's on special occasion where i need to dress up a little more.

Now, while i was at the maybelline counter, i've discovered a great product.

Tahh dahhh!!! Maybelline Lash Discovery. What a discovery!!! Eureka!!!haha
Whats so great about it is that it comes with a Minibrush. It makes application sososo much easier and minimizes the smudging. Plus, I bought the one which is "waterproof". I swear its the best invention ever!!! (at this point of time at least). You gals must trust me on this. Go ahead and try it. Only RM21.90. (approx USD 6).

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disco-very said...

haha yeah, i've heard a lot of good stuff about this mascara. i remember a makeup artist using this on me once and it worked like a charm :)