Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Acne, Pimples, Blemishes...Whatever you call it

I was suprised recently my friend who currently works in UK told me that she is suffering from pimple outbreaks. Now, i may be wrong but I've always associated pimple outbreaks with the weather, food, blood.....especially the weather. I mean we are in our late 20s and it cant be puberty???!!!! Thus I've always admired people who stays in countries far away from the equator. Especially like the Japanese and Koreans where they have natural rosy cheeks. And i never thought ppl who live in the western countries suffers from pimple problems.....oh well Britney Spears did shed some light to me when i saw some of her pics with terrible outbreaks. I was like...."Americans have pimples?? why on earth would they have pimples when their summer is hardly even 30 deg?? " Always thought most of western ppl suffers from freckles instead.

Believe me i have my fair share of pimple outbreaks. In junior secondary school , I was admired by most of my friends for being "spotless". Ya my face was as smooth as the baby's bottom back then when most of them already looked like walking volcanos....... Then i reach 16. It wasnt that bad.....had pimples here and there but not too bad.

The worst outbreak happened between the age of 19-21. Man i've never felt so ugly in my whole life!!!
I have no idea what was the reason behind it but that was the time that my confidence level was all time low. I dont look at people straight in the eye when i talk to them, I tried to use my lustrious hair to cover my face (just imagine Violet from Incredibles). When i have outbreaks on the forehead, I'll try to cut some fringe to cover-up. I never walk out of the house without putting on make-up.... I walk with my head down....etc.....etc.....etc....
It was pretty awfull. I hated being me. It was in fact just a self-inferiority complex thing. Nothing was wrong with me and i still have like 10 or so admirers in college after me but i cant find myself to accept any of them....I just felt Ugly. ( be continued)

I'll continue the story again another day cos I need to work. But today, Id like to recommend 2 products to use when you need a quick fix to cover-up those unsightly pimples. It works wonders. I'll Do a sequal to recommend some better products for skin-care.

1. Loreal Touche Magique

I bought this from Loreal, Its really easy to apply with the brush, just dap on a few dots and spread it evenly covering the blemish spots. Works well for scars. Not very expensive. Less than RM30.

I bought The Cover Stick from The Body Shop too as a concealer. I love this better because of the texture of the concealer which is thicker and cover better. Application is done easily, just spread some across the spots and dap untill its even. Very easy to bring along anywhere and pretty cheap too. Sorry i cant remember the price exactly.

Signing Off,


ABC said...

i am a guy, can i use the thing u mentioned to cover pimples?..:P said...

I am 40 and still get pimples. But at least it is pimples and not wrinkles. Cheers!

Fashionasia said...

Hi once_in_a_life_time:

Absolutely!!! dont use the Loreal wan la...use The Body Shop Cover Stick. Men usually dont use such products cos they fear their male counterparts will start bashing their masculinity. But i think you should use it, cos it covers unsightly pimples and scars, make u feel more confident and best of all this TBS Cover Stick acts as antiseptic too. Optionally you can use something from the Oxy range call "Oxy Cover". Its tube based just like Oxy 5 or 10 but its tinted with skin color. U can get it from any pharmacy.

5xmom: Lilian, honored that you visit my blog. You got SK II so I think your skin is very well taken care of. 40 and no wrinkles. Eat That Janice Dickenson you walking plastic you.....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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