Monday, April 11, 2005

The Royal Wedding - My 2 cents

I have a feeling most British dont welcome Camilla into the Royal Family.

Anyhow, personally I see it as a happy ending to a long-suffering relationship.
Prince Charles actually got to know Camilla long before he knew Diana. Even though Diana was the young and most gorgeous royalty, deep inside the Prince loved Camilla. She was his first love and she was the one he clicked with. Being royalty means that you dont get things your way thus naturally obeying the will of the mother, the Prince married Lady D. It was the most beautiful and talked about wedding in history, the world being ignorant of the truth beneath the superficial love story.

Now that the Lady D is no longer around, its about time that the Prince marries his long time lover. I salute them that their love endured so long……longer than many marriages. Congratulations.


JT said...

I totally agree! He met Camilla first!!

Anonymous said...

Long. Live. True. Love.

Yoong Family said...

he should have married her when they first met. Diana would prolly be still alive.