Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I need a new job

I need a new job......Its too stressfull.I cant take it anymore...... My hair is dropping at an alarming state contributed by the stress plus the length (my long hair reaches my buttocks thus according to the hair stylist it will drop alot since there is a certain length of lifespan of our hair), then I suffer gastric pains often due to the ungodly hour I have my meals. eg. Lunch: 12.30pm Dinner:10pm or Lunch: 3pm Dinner: 12am. Had a major attack last week and lasted the entire MC no leave cos rushing something....... I dont have enough sleep and sometimes i dont sleep at all rushing for deadlines.......I'm now having a freaking headache and a brainfreeze at the same time. I wish i marry a rich man and become a rich mans tai tai...........noneed to work but blog and read blogs the whole day.......

oh ya, i take a look at my profile pic and i hate the cartoon ( the doll ). Looks sooooooo childish. So i uploaded another cartoon pic.......this one cheers me up a little.... ;)


Darren said...

Look at it this way.. you are productive and you are a useful person.

Fashionasia said...

I love optimist. Hugss