Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Esprit de corp

Esprit de corp is one of my favourite shopping places.

Recently the office aircond is freezing cold. Thus i've contemplated to shop for some nice working ala winter clothings that can keep me warm but still looking professional.

I love this baby blue wrap around. The green one is equally lovely, I love how you can dress and look differently with the same clothes. Only $69

pink with flowers. So sweet. Original price $65 , now on sale at $ 34.99. A must buy. A+

This is on sale at only $59.99 frm the original price of $89.

Too bad i cant buy online cos its only for the US.

Perhaps if i actually have time, would drop by Esprit to take a look. Me thinkz therez ze salez .....Yes....the weekend is here!!!

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