Monday, March 21, 2005

Hot day! Its the Vermal Equinox

The entire March is suppose to be very hot for us here. Expecially today (21st March). It is the vermal Equinox or also known as the Spring Equinox. This happens when the sun is at the closest position it gets to earth. The day and the night is said to be of equal length that is 12 hrs of day and 12 hrs of night. Although it is expected to be really hot!!! like it can go up to about 41 degrees?! However it should bring any much of an effect here in Malaysia coz we are located near the Equator (where it is already hot.) We were told to stay out of the sun, shower alot and drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. So i was well prepared for the worst. Thus i wore a spegetti strap top with my long pants and a cardigen pulled over ( coz its hot outside but its freezing in the office- somehow the building management crazily set the central aircond to full-blast). This, however to me is really unhealthy. This is bcoz i go out alot meeting clients and all....So when i'm out im soOOOooooosooooooOooo hot and when i return to the office its freezing cold. Such abnormal drastic tempreature variation is not healthy for the body cos your body temperature adjust itself to fit the environment and when situation like this occurs, it makes your body go haywire......Well, at least i felt like that.

Anyhow, it didnt reach 41 deg today. In fact its pretty cooling in the evening cos there was a heavy downpour.

Bearing in mind that this is a Hot Hot month .....i've done some research and found some pretty nice stuff to wear during this hot season.

Lovely halter neck top in black from Saks.

and i really love this beaded camisole although its way out of the budget $$$...... $355 to be exact. From Nordstorm

sweet.....i can totally identify to this Faux-wrap top...... only $88. Affordable A++

and this too...lovely $64 .....A++

ah...just go over to What can i say, lovely....

ooooh this is soooo coool.......found this from DrJays.

hmm..........ok...enough for the day......will talk about the recent event "force of nature" next ............and not forgetting to feature the fashion incapable Miss B** Ling..........

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JellyGirl said...

Yah I have that dilemma too. It's blazing hot outside and arctic cold in the office. It's always a pain deciding what to wear.

Fashionasia said...

ya we must be very good in dressing smart to live in this part of the world.